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Orders Updated
G.S.R. 37(E).— [18/01/2019]- Coastal Regulation Zone Notification
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S.O.No.1242(E)[08-03-2019]-ICRZ Notification
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S.O.1038 (E)-[27-02-2019]-Inviting Public Comments on “Validity of Environmental Clearance” for mining of minerals Expiring on 31-03-2020.
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G.S.R 157(E)-[25-02-2019]-Inviting comments from all stakeholders on draft amendment to fly ash notification 1999.
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Compendium of office Memoranda and Circulars Under Environment Impact Assessment Notification, 2006 and Subsequent Amendments (From December, 2014 To January, 2019) 05/03/2019
S.O 387(E)-[24-01-2019]- Draft Notification for seeking Comments on Proposed Amendments in item 5(g) and 6(b) of the Schedule of EIA Notification 2006
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S.O. 345(E).— [17/01/2019] WHEREAS, the Central Government in the erstwhile Ministry of Environment and Forests, in exercise of its powers 24/01/2019
G.S.R. 37(E).— [18/01/2019]- Coastal Regulation Zone Notification 21/01/2019
G.S.R-1241(E)-[28/12/2018]- Environment (Protection) fourth Amendment Rules, 2018 ( Final Notification Environmental Standards Notification for Paint Industry )
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G.S.R-5(E)-[03/01/2019]- Environment (Protection) Amendment Rules, 2018 ( Environmental Standards Notification (Final)for Kerosene Industry )
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