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Recent Updates: Orders

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Sl no. Orders Updated
1 G.S.R.(E) 1064.—[24/10/2018]-Environment (Protection) Amendment Rules, 2018 (Draft Notification on Environmental Standards for Coffee Industry). 16/11/2018
2 S.O. No.5213(E) -[08-10-2018]-Extention Notice Period for another Thirty days from 08-10-2018 regarding Common Effluent Treatment Plants(CETPs) 25/10/2018
3 S.O. No.5097(E) -[03-10-2018]- Regarding Reconstitution of Andaman Coastal Zone Management Authority 09/10/2018
4 S.O. No.5096(E) - [03-10-2018]- Reconstitution of Puduchery Coastal Zone Management Authority and Notification 09/10/2018
5 G.S.R.844(E)-[06/09/2018]- Prevention of Cruely to Animals (Pet Shop) Rules,2018 17/09/2018
6 S.O.4290(E).—[05/09/2018]-Reconstituion of Tamil Nadu Coastal Zone Management Authority(TNCZMA) 12/09/2018
7 G.S.R. 730(E)-[01/08/2018]- Environment(Protection) Amendment Rules, 2018 - Standards for Discharge of Effluent from Tannery Industry 31/08/2018
8 S.O.3840(E)-[03/08/2018]- Amendement in Islands Protection Zone (IPZ) Notification 2011 09/08/2018
9 S.O.3546(E)-[20/07/2018]-Reconstitution of Odisha Coastal Zone Management Authority(OCZMA) 25/07/2018
10 G.S.R. 618(E)[06/07/2018] Environment (Protection) Amendment Rules, 2018 - Effluent and Emission Standards For Fermentation Industry 20/07/2018
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