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Recent Updates: Orders

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Orders Updated
Dr. G. V. Subrahmanyam, Advisor will act as link Officer to Shri R. Mehta, Advisor. 23/05/2012
Allocation of work looked after by Shri A K Goyal, Joint Secretary upon completion of central deputation tenure. 23/05/2012
Appointment of Ms. Archna Srivastava in the Ministry of Environment & Forests. 23/05/2012
Ms. Saheli Ghosh Roy, Deputy Secretary is going for training from July 1st, 2010 to March 31st, 2011. 23/05/2012
Offer of resignation from Dr. Anil Kumar Jain from Chairmanship of SEAC, Punjab; Dr. Daljit Singh from Chairmanship of SEIAA, Punjab and Shri S.S. Gill from membership of SEIAA, Punjab. 23/05/2012
Notification regarding the appointment of Shri Pankaj Garg, Deputy Secretary as Director in the MoEF. 23/05/2012
Shri Brij Mohan Singh Rathore, IFS(MP:82) is appointed as Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Environment & Forests from 29th July, 2010. 23/05/2012
Work comprising of IFS cadre management, AGMUT cadre of Indian Forest service and ACR Cell will now be looked after by Shri S.S. Badhawan, Director. 23/05/2012
Shri N. Muruganandam, IAS(TN:1991), Director, Ministry of Environment & Forests is relieved from this Ministry from 2nd August, 2010. 23/05/2012
Shri Rajen Habib Khwaja, IAS(AP:76), Special Secretary, Ministry of Environment & Forests is relieved from this Ministry from 31st July, 2010. 23/05/2012
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