Brochure on items of work handled in various Divisions and Sections of Ministry of Environment and Forests


June 2003




The National Afforestation & Eco‑Development Board (NAEB) was set up in August 1992 for promoting afforestation, tree planting, ecological restoration and eco- development activities in the country.  Special attention is being given to the regeneration of degraded forest areas and lands adjoining forest areas, national parks, sanctuaries and other protected areas as well as the ecologically fragile areas like the Western Himalayas, Aravallis, Western Ghats, etc.  The main role & functions of the NAEB are given as follows:


a)                 Evolve mechanisms for ecological restoration of degraded forest areas and adjoining lands through systematic planning and implementation, in a cost effective manner;

b)                 Restore through natural regeneration or appropriate intervention the forest cover in the country for ecological security and to meet the fuelwood, fodder and other needs of the rural communities;

c)                  Restore fuelwood, fodder, timber and other forest produce on the degraded forest 

d)                 and adjoining lands in order to meet the demands for these items;

e)                 Sponsor research and extension of research findings to disseminate new and proper technologies for the regeneration and development of degraded forest areas and adjoining lands;

f)                    Create general awareness and help foster a people's movement for promoting afforestation and Eco-development with the assistance of voluntary agencies, non‑government organisations, Panchayati Raj institutions and others and promote participatory and sustainable management of degraded forest areas and adjoining lands;

g)                 Coordinate and monitor the Action Plans for tree planting, ecological restoration and Eco development; and

h)                 Undertake all other measures necessary for promoting afforestation, tree planting, ecological restoration and Eco development activities in the country.

i)                    The subject area relating to Ecological Rehabilitation of Degraded Eco-systems being dealt with by Centre of Excellence, ie CEMDE located in Delhi University.

j)                    United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification

k)                  National Mission on Bio-diesel – Jatropha curcas plantation.


To undertake the above items of work, the Board has the following Divisions:



a)                 Plan Coordination

b)                 20-Point Programme – Point 16 relating to afforestation

c)                  Board Meetings – nomination of members. Follow up action on the Decisions of Board Meetings

d)                 Parliamentary Standing Committee and Consultative Committee

e)                 Annual Plan, Budgeting, Review of expenditure, Revised Estimates and Re-appropriation proposals

f)                    Parliament questions relating to afforestation. Also furnishing of information to other Ministries/Departments and Divisions of MoEF for Parliament questions.

g)                 Policy issues relating to afforestation

h)                 Examination of EFC Memorandum/Cabinet Notes received from other Ministries/Departments and Divisions of MoEF

i)                    Furnishing comments on proposals forwarded by IC Division

j)                    Communication (Training, Workshop, Publication)

k)                  Furnishing of time-bound material/information to Senior Officers in Ministry and also to other Ministries/Departments as and when called for

l)                    Monitoring and evaluation

m)               National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development (NABARD) Watershed Development Fund

n)                 Electronic Data Processing Section – computerization activities, etc.



a)                 General Coordination on National Afforestation Programme through FDAs

b)                 Forest Development Agencies(FDAs) of  Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, J&K, Orissa, Punjab, UP, Uttaranchal

c)                  Grants in Aid to Voluntary Agencies Scheme including Greening India

d)                 Joint Forest Management(JFM) issues pertaining to National Afforestation & Eco-development Board schemes

e)                 Monitoring of Tour Reports of National Afforestation & Eco-development Board officers

f)                    National Steering Committee on Forest Development Agencies (FDAs).



a)                 FDAs of Bihar, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal

b)                 Maintenance of  Area Oriented Fuel wood and Fooder Project(AOFFP) scheme of 9th Plan

c)                  Maintenance of Association of Scheduled Tribe Rural Poor (ASTRP) scheme of 9th Plan

d)                 Thrust Areas: Coastal shelter belt plantations.


B-IV Division       

a)                 Forests Development Agencies (FDAs) of NE States including Sikkim and Union Territories, Andhra Pradesh, Chhatisgarh, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh

b)                 Support to Regional Centres

c)                  Maintenance of Non Timber Forest Produce (NTFP) scheme of 9th Plan

d)                 Thrust Areas: Bamboo and Medicinal Plants.




a)                 Matters relating to Desert and desertification including UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD).



a)                 Establishment & Administration

b)                 General Coordination

c)                  Parliamentary Matters

d)                 Central Registry

e)                 House keeping

f)                    General Legal Matters

g)                 Cash Section

h)                 OL Section.



a)                 Review of expenditure progress of Development Programmes relating to NE Regions

b)                 Follow up action on PM’s announcement of Package to NE States

c)                  Annual Report for National Afforestation & Eco-development Board

d)                 Annual Action Plan – National Afforestation & Eco-development Board

e)                 Tribal Co-operation Marketing Federation Ltd ( TRIFED)

f)                    Eco-Task Force

g)                 Society for Promotion of Wasteland  Development (SPWD)

h)                 Centre for Environment Management of Degraded Eco-systems (CEMDE) – Centre of Excellence, Delhi University

i)                    Maintenance of Integrated  Afforestation  Eco-development Project (IAEP) scheme of 9th Plan

j)                     Indira Priyadarsani  Viriksha Mitra (IPVM )Awards.