1. General
  2. Management of Emergencies caused due to Hazardous chemicals
  3. Central Crisis Group
  4. Control Room
  5. Phone Numbers of Secretaries of Concerned Departments/Ministries
  6. Duty Officers/Supporting Staff
  7. Annexure I Duties of Central Crisis Group
  8. Annexure II Duties of Member Secretary, Central Crisis Group
  9. Annexure III Duties of Duty Officers
  10. Annexure IV Names and Addresses of Duty Personnel
  11. Annexure V Names, Addresses & Telephone numbers of Regional Offices of the Ministry of Environment and Forests
  12. Annexure VI Names, Addresses and Telephone Numbers of Central Pollution Control Board and its Zonal Offices
  13. Annexure VII Names, Addresses and Telephone Numbers of State Pollution Control Boards
  14. Annexure VIII Names, Addresses and Telephone Numbers of the Chief Secretaries of the States/UTs
  15. Annexure IX Names, Addresses and Telephone Numbers of the Nodal Departments of States
  16. Annexure X Names, Addresses and Telephone Numbers of DG, FASLI and Regional Labour Institutes
  17. Annexure XI Names, Addresses and Telephone Numbers of the Chief Inspectorate of Factories of various States.
  18. Annexure XII List of Addresses and Telephone Numbers of Chief Controller and Controllers of Explosives.
  19. Annexure XIII Names, Addresses and Telephone Numbers of Directorate General, Mines Safety
  20. Annexure XIV Names, Addresses and Telephone Numbers of Members of the Scientific Advisory Committee
  21. Annexure XV Names, Addresses and Telephone Numbers of Experts/Institutions-State-wise List
  22. Annexure XVI Names, Addresses & Telephone Numbers of Experts and Organisations dealing with Oil Slicks.
  23. Annexure XVII Names, Addresses and Telephone Numbers of Resident Commissioners of all States.
  24. Annexure-XVIII Names, Addresses and Telephone Numbers of International Organisations engaged in Disaster Management Activities.
  25. Letters by HSMD Officials

HSMD Home Page


  1. Chemicals occupy an important position in our economy and are the source of several benefits to the society. During recent times, there has been a rapid increase in the number,variety and complexity of chemicals being used in the industry and house-hold. Many of these chemicals are toxic,highly reactive,explosive or flammable or have a combination of these characteristics. Due to these properties, they have the potential to cause harm to human beings, other living creatures, plant, property and the environment in general. Thus, extreme care is necessary while handling such chemicals at all stages of manufacture, processing, treatment, package, storage, transportation, use, collection,destruction, conversion or sale.
  2. There are at present several agencies of the Government,both Central and State, such as the Inspectorates of Factories, Controller of Explosives, Pollution Control Boards,Port Authorities, Transport Authorities and Local Health Authorities, which prescribe rules for safe handling of hazardous chemicals. In spite of strict implementation of the regulations, it is highly probable that accidents will occur. Such accidents,lead to damage to life,property and environment. It is essential that the Central and State Governments as also local authorities are fully prepared to meet such eventualities.
  3. Unlike the emergencies caused through natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes etc., which cannot be prevented, the occurences of emergencies caused through chemical accidents can be minimised by proper planning and preparedness. The emergency planning is thus just one aspect of the total planning for safety. This planning has to be done by those who are responsible for handling hazardous chemicals, the local authorities incharge of emergencies, the State Government and the Central Government. In view of the above, the Central Government has notified a set of rules entitled "Chemical Accident(Emergency Planning, Preparedness and Response) Rules, 1996" for management of chemical accidents in the country.

    The Chemical Accidents (Emergency Planning, Preparedness and Response) Rules, 1996 compliments the set of rules on accident prevention and preparedness notified under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 in 1989 entitled Manufacture, Storage and Import of Hazardous Chemicals Rules and envisages a 4-tier crisis management set up at the Local, District, State and Centre. The rules were gazetted on 2nd August, 1996 by the Ministry of Environment & Forests under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986.

    The rules provide a statutory back-up for setting up of Crisis Group in districts and states which have Major Accident Hazard Installations (MAH). The rules define the major accident hazard installations to include industrial activity, transport and isolated storages at a site handling hazardous chemicals in quantities specified. As per the rules, the Government of India is to constitute a Central Crisis Group (CCG) for the management of chemical accidents and set up a Crisis Alert System (CAS) within 30 days of the notification.

    Under this system, the Centre would set up a functional control room at appropriate places and an Information Networking System with the State and District control rooms will also be set up. Adequate staff and experts will be appointed to man the control room. The CAS will also be responsible for publishing a list of major accident hazard installations, and a list of major chemical accident in chronological order. It would take measures to create awareness amongst the public with a view to prevent chemical accidents.

    The Chief Secretaries of all the States are to constitute State Crisis Groups (SCG) to plan and respond to chemical accidents in the State and notify the same in gazette within 45 days. The District Collector shall not only constitute a District Crisis Group (DCG) but also constitute Local Crisis Groups (LCGs) for every industrial pocket in the district within 60 days.

    The CCG shall be the apex body in the country to deal with and provide expert guidance for planning and handling of major chemical accidents in the country. The CCG shall continuously monitor the post-accident situation and suggest measures for prevention of reoccurrence of such accidents. It shall meet every six months and respond to enqueries from the SCG and DCG. The Ministry of Environment and Forests will publish a State-wise list of experts and concerned officials.

    The SCG will be chaired by the State Chief Secretary and shall be the apex body in the State consisting of Government officials, technical experts and industry representatives and will deliberate on planning, preparedness and mitigation of chemical accidents with a view to reducing the extent of loss of life, property and ill-health. The SCG will review all the District Off-site Emergency Plans for its adequacy.

    The District Collector shall be the Chairman of the DCG and the Group will serve as the apex body at the district level and shall meet every 45 days. This group shall review all on- site Emergency Plans prepared by the occupiers of the Major Accident Hazard installations for preparation of a District Off-site Emergency Plan, which shall also include hazards due to the transportation of hazardous chemicals both by road and by pipeline. The district Chairperson shall conduct atleast one full scale mock-drill of the District Off-site Emergency Plan at a site each year. Powers under section 10 of the Environment (Protection) Act for entry and inspection have been made available to the Central, State and District Crisis Groups/members.

    The Rules envisage that the Crisis Groups will provide information to the public regarding chemical accident prevention, preparedness and mitigation.

    The rules will enable preparation of an Off-site Emergency Plan, updation and conduct of mock-drill. It will further enhance the implementation of the Public Liability Insurance Act for providing of speedy relief to the victims.


In response to a chemical emergency, a coordinated effort at the Local, District, State and Central Level is needed. All available resources need to be mobilised to overcome the crisis in the shortest possible time. With this in view, "Chemical Accidents (Emergency Planning, Preparedness, and Response) Rules, 1996" were notified.




By an Office Order No.3-15/91-HSMD dated 27th September, 1996, the Central Crisis Group (CCG) has been set up by the Ministry of Environment and Forests. This is an apex body comprising senior officials of the Government and technical experts.


The functions of the Group shall be as follows :
  1. To deal with major chemical accidents and provide expert guidance for handling major chemical accidents in the country.
  2. Continuously monitor the post accident situation arising out of a major chemical accident and suggest measures for prevention and to check recurrence of such accidents.
  3. Conduct post accident analysis of such major chemical accidents and evaluate responses.
  4. Review District Off-site Emergency Plans with a view to examine its adequacy in accordance with the Manufacture, Storage and Import of Hazardous Chemicals Rules, 1989 and sugest measures to reduce risks in the industrial pockets.
  5. Review the progress reports submitted by the State Crisis Groups.
  6. Respond to queries addressed to it by the State Crisis Groups and the District Crisis Groups.
  7. Publish a State-wise list of experts and officials who are concerned with the handling of chemical accidents.
  8. Render in the event of a chemical accident in a State, all financial and infrastructural help may be necessary.

The Central Crisis Group shall meet once in every six months in the Ministry of Environment & Forests, Paryavaran Bhavan, New Delhi. The Group may co-opt any person whose assistance or advice is considered useful in performing any of its functions.

The CCG deals only with major chemical accidents in the country where State Governments require marshalling of resources from other States as well as from the Central Government. The Chief Secretary, The District Magistrates of the concerned State/districts should immediately inform the Central Crisis Group about the accidents. It will meet as soon as possible after the receipt of information about the accident in carrying out its task, it shall consult experts, coordinate activities of the State Governments and the Central Ministries/Departments/Agencies and keep the Cabinet Secretariat and appropriate authorities in the Government of India constantly informed about development.




The Ministry of Environment and Forests has set up a Control Room for fast flow of information upwards and downwards in case of an emergency. The Control Room is located in Room No.705, 7th Floor, B-Block, Paryavaran Bhavan, CGO Complex, Lodi Road, New Delhi-110003 (Phone 4360734).


  1. Operation of Control Room during Office Time

    The Control Room will operate during office hours from 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. on working days only i.e. Monday through Friday. The Control Room will be used for managing crisis situations and also as a venue for convening the meeting of CCG in case of a crisis. In addition, messages can be faxed at Fax NO.4360678 and 4363577.

  2. Operation of Control Room before and after Office Hours including Holidays

    After office hours and on holidays, the Central Registry Room on the Ground Floor, Paryavaran Bhavan, B-Block,CGO Complex,Lodi Road,New Delhi-110003 shall receive messages and pass them on to the Member Secretary immediately (Phone : 4360634 (O)/ 4677974 (R). In case Member Secretary is not available the next contact person will be Dr. M. Sengupta (Phone : 4360734 (O), 6101487 (R)). It will be manned for twenty four hours on all days (Phone and Fax : 4360734 Telex:31-66185 DOE-In, 31-63015 WILD-IN, E-Mail: indu@envfor.delhi.nic.in).The Member Secretary will immediately after intimation, activate the Control Room in Room No.705 mentioned in (a) above.


The Control Room is equipped with facilities like Photocopier, PC including Data Bases, hand books on hazardous chemicals, telephone, etc. During a crisis situation, other fast communication facilities shall also be provided by the Department of Telecommunication, Government of India (Phone 3032497- Shri V.K.Chawla, Assit.Director General, MST-II.

Composition of CCG

COMPOSITION OF CENTRAL CRISIS GROUP The composition of CCG is as follows:

Sl.No.    Names & Office Address        


1.     Shri T.K.A. Nair                 4360721 (O)     
       Secretary,                       3384230 (R)
       Ministry of Environment          
       and Forests,
       CGO Complex,Lodi Road,
       Paryavaran Bhavan,
       New Delhi-110003
       Fax 4360678.

              Member Secretary

2.     Shri Vijai Sharma,              4360634 (O) 
       Joint Secretary,                4677974 (R)
       Ministry of Environment       
       & Forests,
       Paryavaran Bhavan,            
       CGO Complex, Lodi Road,
       New Delhi-110003.
       Fax   : 4363577


3.     Dr. R.S. Paroda,                   3382629 (O)
       Director General,                  6492451 (R)
       Indian Council of Agriculture Research,
       Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi - 110 011.
       Fax : 3384773, 3387293.

4.     Dr. R.A. Mashelkar,                3710472 (O)
       Director General,                  4697178 (O)
       Council of Scientific & Industrial
       Anusandhan Bhawan, Rafi Marg,
       New Delhi - 110 001.
       Fax : 3710618.

5.     Mrs. Shailaja Chandra,             3017451 (O)
       Addl. Secretary (Health),          3387534 (R)
       Govt. of India,
       Ministry of Health & Family Welfare,
       Nirman Bhawan,
       New Delhi - 110 011.

6.     Shri. Ashok Kumar,                 3011983 (O)
       Joint Secretary,                   4698548 (R)
       Govt. of India,
       Ministry of Industries,
       Department of Industrial Development,
       Udyog Bhawan,
       New Delhi - 110 011.
       Fax : 3011034.

7.     Shri. P.C. Rawal,                  3385131 (O)
       Joint Secretary,                   3733878 (R)
       Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers,
       Department of Chemicals and
       Govt. of India,
       Shastri Bhawan,
       New Delhi - 110 011.
       Fax : 3382176

8.     Shri. R.K. Saini,                  3714820 (O)
       Joint Secretary,                   4697201 (R)
       Ministry of Labour,
       Government of India,
       Shram Shakti Bhawan,
       New Delhi - 110 001.
       Fax : 3711708, 3717108.

9.     Shri. K.K. Jaswal,                 3381294 (O)
       Joint Secretary (Fertilizers),     3017071 (R)
       Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers,
       Shastri Bhawan,
       New Delhi - 110 011.
       Fax : 3386222.

10.    Shri. A.K. Rastogi,                3710189 (O)
       Joint Secretary,                   4675765 (R)
       Ministry of Surface Transport,
       4th Floor, Transport Bhawan,
       New Delhi - 110 011.
       Fax : 3722855.

11.    Dr. (Mrs.) G.V. Satyavati,         6517204 (O)
       Director General                   
       Indian Council of Medical Research,
       Ansari Nagar,
       New Delhi - 110 029.
       Fax : 6868662.

12.    Shri. D.N.S. Srivastava,           3319736 (O)     
       Director General (Civil Defence),  4677450 (R)
       Ministry of Home Affairs,
       Govt. of India,
       Express Building, II Floor,
       Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg,
       New Delhi - 110 002.
       Fax : 3319736.

13.    Shri. M.P. Modi,                     3719898 (O)
       Director General,                    6876626 (R)
       Department of Telecommunications,
       Sanchar Bhawan, Ashok Road,
       New Delhi - 110 001.
       Fax : 3711514.

14.    Shri. K.K. Gupta,                    3381344 (O)
       Executive Director/General Manager,  3016981 (R)
       (Rail Safety),
       Ministry of Railways,
       Rail Bhawan,
       New Delhi - 110 001.
       Fax : 3381344.

15.    Dr. D.K. Biswas,                   2204948 (O)
       Chairman,                          6463991 (R)
       Central Pollution Control Board,
       Parivesh Bhawan,
       CBD-cum-Office Complex,
       East Arjun Nagar, Delhi - 110 032.
       Fax : 2204948.

16.    Shri. Om Prakash,                  3319639 (O)
       Fire Adviser,                      7293876 (R)
       Ministry of Home Affairs,
       Government of India,
       Express Building, II Floor,
       Bahadur Shan Zafar Marg,
       New Delhi - 110 002.
       Fax : 3319736.

17.    Shri. S. Ghoshal,                  532103 (O)
       Chief Controller of Explosives,
       Deptt. of Explosives,
       Old High Court Building,
       Civil Lines,
       Nagpur - 440 020.
       Fax : 0712-543577.

18.    Shri. B.K. Dutta,                  
       Centre for Environment and
	    Explosive Safety,
       DRDO, Ministry of Defence,
       MATCALFE House,     
       New Delhi - 110 054.
       Fax : 2919151.

19.    Dr. K. Narayanan,                  4990425 (O/R)
       M/s. EHS Management Tech. Pvt. Ltd.,
       7/1, East Abhiramapuram, 
       I street,
       Chennai - 600 004.
       Fax : 044-4990773.

20.    Shri. H.N. Mirashi,                    4945477 (O)
       Director (Industrial Safety & Health), 4942230 (O)
       Maharashtra Factory Inspection Office, 6260388 (R)
       Commerce Centre, V Floor, Tardeo,
       Mumbai - 400 034.
       Fax : 022-4075937.

21.    Dr. S.R. Kamat,
       105 Pearl Centre, I Floor,
       Senapati Bapat Marg, Dadar (West),
       Mumbai - 400 022.
       Fax : 022-4075937.

22.    Dr. R. Nath,                  0172-540401 (O)    
       Prof. & Head (Bio-chemistry),      540403 (O)
       Post Graduate Institute of
	    Medical Education & Research,
       Chandigarh - 160 012.
23.    Shri. R.R. Umakanthan,         044-544290 (O)
       Coordinator,                       544309 (O)
       Manali Ennore Emergency            544198 (O)
	    Preparedness Committee,      8260719 (R)
       M/s. Zencca ICI Agrochemicals Ltd.,
       Ennore Works, Ennore,
       Chennai - 600 057.
       Fax : 044-543637, 544237.

24.    Shri. K.V. Venkatesh,              2021877 (O)
       Sr. Vice President,                3646355 (R)
       National Organic Chemical 
	    Industries Ltd.,
       Petrochemicals Division,
       Thane Belapur Road, P.B.73,
       Thane, Mumbai - 400 601.
       Fax : 022-2022325.

25.    Dr. V.N. Das,            Contact Ph : 011-6464045
       Chairman (Safety, Health           Ranbaxy Labs.,
	    & Environment),            72, Laxmi Bhavan,       
       Indian Chemical Manufacturers'         III Floor,
	    Association,                    Nehru Place, 
       Bombay Regional Office,              New Delhi.
       Sir Vithaldas Chambers,
       16, Bombay Samachar Marg,
       Mumbai - 400 023.

Phone Numbers of Secretaries of Concerned Departments/Ministries

Sl.No.     Departments/Ministries        Phone     PBX

1.         Environment and Forests       4360721   4361669
2.         Agriculture and Cooperation   3382651    
3.         Petroleum                     3383501
4.         Chemicals                     3382467      
5.         Fertiliser                    3383695
6.         Animal Husbandry and Dairying 3382608
7.         Industrial Development        3011815   3010221
8.         Health                        3018863
9.         Labour                        3710265
10.        Home Affairs                  3011989
11.        Communication                 3717300
12.        DG CSIR                       3710472
13.        National Informatics Centre   4361504

Duties of Central Crisis Group

The duties of the CCG are given in Annexure-I.

Duties of the Member-Secretary,Central Crisis Group The duties of the Member-Secretary, CCG are given in Annexure-II.

Duty Officers/Supporting Staff

In performing his duties, the Member Secretary will be assisted by the following officers of the Ministry of Environment and Forests who would be assigned duties in the Control Room as 'Duty Officer'.
Sl.No.   Name & Office Address              Residential Address

1.Dr. M. Sengupta,                   711, Vigyan Sadan,
  Director (HSMD),                   R.K.Puram, Sector X,
  Ministry of Environment            New Delhi - 110 022.
  & Forests, Paryavaran Bhavan,      Ph : 6101487.
  CGO Complex, Lodi Road,
  New Delhi - 110 003.
  Phone: 4360734                     

2.Dr.R.R.Khan,                       D-11/Andrews Ganj
  Director (HSMD),                   Extension,
  Ministry of Environment            New Delhi - 110 049.
  & Forests, Paryavaran Bhavan,      
  CGO Complex, Lodi Road,            Phone: 6489849
  New Delhi - 110 003.
  Phone: 4363021                     

3.Dr.(Smt) Indrani Chandrasekaran,   Q-9,Central Government
  Additional Director (HSMD),        Housing Complex,
  Ministry of Environment            Andrew's Ganj Ext.
  and Forests, Paryavaran Bhavan,    New Delhi-110049
  CGO Complex, Lodi Road,            Phone: 6221129
  New Delhi - 110 003.              
  Phone: 4360734                     

4.Dr.(Smt)  Lakshmi Raghupathy,      E-112, Pragati Vihar
  Joint  Director (HSMD),            Hostel,
  Ministry of Environment            New Delhi-110003.
  and Forests, Paryavaran Bhavan,    Phone: 4363188                  
  CGO Complex, Lodi Road,
  New Delhi - 110 003.               
  Phone: 4363960                      

5.Dr.(Smt.) Saroj                    B-5, M.S.Flats,   
  Joint Director (HSMD),             Pandara Park,
  Ministry of Environment            New Delhi.
  and Forests, Paryavaran Bhavan,    Phone: 3782253
  CGO Complex, Lodi Road,
  New Delhi - 110 003.
  Phone: 4363021      

6.Shri. N.K. Sharma,                 YZ-6, Sarojini Nagar
  Deputy Director (Computer),        New Delhi - 110 023.
  Ministry of Environment &          
  Forests, Paryavaran Bhavan,    
  CGO Complex, Lodi Road,
  New Delhi - 110 003.          

7.Dr. Rashid Hassan,                 702, Vigyan Sadan,
  Joint Director (PL),               R.K.Puram (Sector X),
  Ministry of Environment &          New Delhi - 110 022.
  Forests, Paryavaran Bhavan,    
  CGO Complex, Lodi Road,
  New Delhi - 110 003.
  Phone : 4361669

8.Shri. Sanjoy Ghalot,               89, Mall Apartment,
  Principal System Analyst,          Mall Road,
  National Informatics Centre,       New Delhi - 110 054.
  A-Block, CGO Complex,              Phone : 2913363.
  Lodi Road, New Delhi - 110 003.
  Phone : NIC - 4360563, 4361133/4351
	 MOEF -4361669


Duties of Central Crisis Group

  1. The CCG will meet as soon as possible after a major accident due to hazardous chemicals to deliberate on the problems arising out of the contingency situation.
  2. It will coordinate the work of various agencies/Departments involved in providing relief to State Governments/Administrative Agencies.
  3. It will give directions for coordinating relief work at the site of accident.
  4. It will act as an effective communication link between the Cabinet Secretariat and State Governments on one hand,and, on the other, render necessary guidelines to concerned administrative agencies and experts.
  5. The CCG representative to the Department of Communication will ensure that a senior officer of Telecommunication Department shall be available at the Control Room of the Ministry of Environment and Forests so as to keep the communication lines in order.
  6. It will authorise the Member Secretary to convene Press briefings/Press release and provide information to AIR and Doordarshan.


Duties of the Member Secretary, CCG

chemical accident, the Member Secretary shall do the following:

  1. Immediately contact the Chairman of the CCG and obtain instructions about convening of the meeting. He shall then contact any of the available duty officers and take his/her assistance in contacting other members of CCG/other duty officers. He will take necessary action to tackle the crisis as per his discretion, till guidance becomes available and will implement the direction of CCG as and when it becomes available.
  2. Attempt within the time available before the CCG meeting, to obtain as much authentic information about the incident as possible particularly information on the location, time and nature, damage caused, immediate threats and the action taken so far.
  3. Make administrative arrangements for convening of CCG.
  4. Carry out all instructions of the CCG expeditiously.
  5. Prepare hourly situation reports and place the latest, upto-the-minute report before the CCG.
  6. Record minutes and decisions of the CCG, where necessary.
  7. Ensure correct and timely documentation.
  8. Maintain constant touch with State Capital/local authority.
  9. Arrange for expert consultation in the shortest possible time.
  10. Ensure that all communication facilities are installed and are in working order.
  11. Ensure that, there are adequate arrangements for transportation of staff.
  12. Ensure that, when necessary, confidentiality is maintained.
  13. Arrange, when necessary, for press briefings, press release, information to AIR and Doordarshan.
  14. Prepare a summary of news items which may appear each day and obtain orders from CCG about rejoinders, contradictions etc. to be issued to avoid general panic or rumour mongering.
  15. Arrange for a permanent advance not exceeding Rs.5,000/- for any requirement of contingent expenditure during activation of Control Room.


Duties of the Duty Officers

  1. For speedy communication of information to the members of the CCG, the duty officer who is on duty, on instructions from the Member Secretary, shall contact the other two duty officers or any officer designated, if necessary, and the Members of the CCG. Duty Officer 1 shall contact Members (3) to (6). Duty Officer 2 shall contact Members (7) to (10) and Duty Officer 3 shall contact Members (11) to (15).
  2. While informing members, the duty officers shall collect as much information about the accident as possible before the meeting of the CCG. The CCG members and Duty Officers shall be requested to come to the meeting by taxi, if necessary. The taxi fare shall be reimbursed. The duty officers after making telephone calls to the concerned members of the CCG, shall proceed to the Control Room and initiate steps to make it operational in the quickest possible time. The three Duty Officers, after reaching the Control Room, shall immediately do the following:
  1. Duty Officer 1:
    1. Telephone the Secretary of the State Level Crisis Group, or the Secretary of the nodal department in the State Capital concerned, to inform him that the Control Room has been activated and request them for a constant flow of information. If the concerned local authority has been identified, it should also be similarly informed.
    2. Make all the arrangements for the CCG meeting, including opening of the room,operating of lift,cooling/ heating arrangement, stationery, etc. if possible, a resume of the information received so far should be made in an adequate number of copies.
    3. He shall, if there are instructions from Chairman or Member Secretary of CCG, inform the Cabinet Secretary and other appropriate officer/Departments about the situations.
  2. Duty Officer 2:
    1. He shall take immediate steps to mobilize the staff indicated in Annexure III and IV. If the accident has occured after office hours or on a holiday, the first move should be to locate and mobilise one or more vehicle(s) so that staff can be speedly brought from their residences. Normal location of the vechilces and addresses of drivers are enclosed as Annexure IV. The concerned Police Stations should also be requested to assist in informing the staff. If the accident occurs during working hours, Administration should be requested to ask (a) the designated staff to report for duty at once and (b) relieve the staff that would be required for the evening/night shift, so that they can come back on time.
    2. Ensure that the telephones of the Control Room are in working order, and that requests are sent out to the Director General, Telecommunications to set up all other communication facilities where necessary.
    3. Ensure that all necessary stationery and equipment are available in working order.
  3. Duty Officer 3:
    1. Locate the necessary data base required to deal with the particular emergency and if necessary, have copies prepared for the CCG..
    2. From the list at Annexure XV, he shall attempt to identify the experts to be consulted. If they are Delhi-based, he shall inform them of the situation and with a request to be available either for consultation or for an immediate visit to the scene of accident.


Names and Address of Duty Personnel

Section   Officers/Research             Residential Address

1.         Shri A.S.N.Murti                   XY-72,Sarojini
		  			      Nagar,New Delhi-110023.

2.         Shri. Narain Dass                  48/4 Ashok Nagar
	 				      New Delhi.


1.        Shri. P.U.Srinivasan, P.A           171 F, Arambagh,
					      New Delhi-110055.

2.        Shri.T.S.Lakshminarayanan           B1C/8B,Janakpuri,
		    Steno 'D'.                New Delhi-110058.

3.        Shri. Nethrapal Singh               10155-A,                 
	         		  	      West Goraakh Park                 
					      Gali No.1, Shahdra                
					      Delhi - 110 032.

4.        Shri Rajiv Sharma, LDC              1584 Lodhi Road
					      New Delhi-110003.

5.        Shri Silma, LDC                     S-I/32/13,
					      Pushp Vihar, Saket
					      New Delhi - 110 017.

6.        Shri Kanwal Nayan,UDC               O-15,Chander Shekhar
					      Azad   Colony,Kishan 
					      New  Delhi-110007

7.        Shri Saileshwar Pal,UDC             Gali No.71,H.No.5467
					      New Delhi-110005.


1.         Shri S.P.Kakkar,Asstt.             5A/2-B, Toot Sarai,
					      Malyviya Nagar,
					      New Delhi-110007.

2.         Shri A.K.Biswas,Asstt.             D-431,Moti Bagh-1,
					      New Delhi-110021

3.         Shri Kundan Singh                  342/4,Sarpanch Ka
					      Bara, Mandawali,

4.         Shri Rakesh Satija,LDC             EC-61,SFS DDA Flats
					      Rajouri Garden
					      G-8 Area, Maya
					      New Delhi-110064.
5.         Shri Ram Kishan Gupta              3538/3,Narang
					      Colony,Tri Nagar


1.         Shri Ambica Prasad                 D-232,Raghubir
					      Nagar,JJ Colony,
					      25 Yds,
					      New Delhi-110027

2.         Shri Chandrika Mehta               Malar Band Juggi,
					      New Delhi-110044.

3.         Shri Rajendra Kumar                39/469,Panchkuian


1.         Shri Haidar Ali                    E-106,Seva Nagar,
					      New Delhi-110003.

2.         Shri Lakshman Saha                 Quarter No.2255,
					      Lodhi Road Complex,
					      New Delhi-110003.

3.         Shri Ashok Kumar,                  House NO.2,Gali
					      No.22,Sadh Nagar
					      New Delhi-110045.

Drivers and Vehicles

       Names           Address        Normal Location
					     of Car
				     (after Office Hours)

1.Shri Hari Om Gour        WZ-278,Gali NO.9,     -do-
  (DDA 6915)               Sadh Nagar,Palam
			   Colony,New Delhi-45

2.Shri Rattan Singh        1632,Lodhi Road       -do-
  (DIA 1758)               Complex,New Delhi-3.

3.Shri Mela Ram            Block C-II/129,       -do-
  (DL-3C 4691)             Lodi Colony,         
			   New Delhi.

4.Shri Pratap Singh        H.No.19,              -do-
  (DBA 7964)               Village Devli
			   New Delhi-110062

5.Shri Avtar Singh         Sector 37/636         -do-
  (DDB 7641)               NOIDA, U.P.

6.Shri Om Prakash          H.No.998,             -do-
  Dhawan                   Lodi Road Complex,    
  (DL-3C-6533)             New Delhi - 110003.

7.Shri C.V.Thomas          1525,Lodhi          CGO Complex
  (DDU 6093)               Road,New Delhi       (Podium)


Names, Addresses and Telephone Numbers of Regional Offices of Ministry of Environment and Forests
		 		  Code     Telephone Nos.
				   No.    Office    Residence


  Shri B.U.Joshi,                  080     5537184    3358043
  Chief Conservator of Forests,            5537185
  Kendriya Sadan, IV Floor,                5537189
  E&FWings,Office (SZ),
  7th Main Road, II Block,


  Shri M.K.Sharma                 0674     400097    4003767
  Regional Office (FZ)                     403056
  194, Kharvela Nagar

3.    BHOPAL

  Shri K.A.Kushalappa             0755    566525    554037
  Chief Conservator of Forests,           565054
  Regional Office (WZ)                    563102
  E-3/240, Arera Colony,


  Shri P. Keswani,                0364    227673     
  Chief Conservator of Forests,           227929
  Regional Office (NEZ),
  Upland Road, Laitumkhrah,


  Shri B.K.Singh,                 0522    70107    605219
  Chief Conservator of Forests,           75984
  Regional Office (Central Region),
  B-1/72, Sector 'K', Aliganj,


  Shri  Parmatam Singh,           0172    604134    43372
  Conservator of Forests,                 600061 
  Regional Office (NZ),
  SCO 132-133, Sector 34-A,


Names, Addresses and Telephone Numbers of Central Pollution Control Board and its Zonal Offices

Central Pollution Control Board,        Shri D.K.Biswas
Parivesh Bhavan, CBD-Cum-Office         Chairman                 
Complex,East Arjun Nagar,               Phone: 2204948(O)
Delhi-110032.                                  6463991(R) 
				        Fax :  2204948
				        Member Secretary,
				        Phone: 2217078 (O)
					       6424402 (R)   
				        Fax :  2217078

Central Pollution Control Board,        Shri B.P.Sukla,
Central Zone Office,                    Env.Engineer
117/51, Q Block,Sharda Nagar,
Gurudev Place,                          Phone: 246731 (O)
Kanpur.UP                                      208025 (R)                                                               STD : 0512          

Central Pollution Control Board         Dr.R.N.Bhatacharya
East Zone and Andaman Nicobar           Sr.Env.Engineer,
Zonal Office,                           Phone: 4731102 (O)
61, Prince Anwar Shah Road,                    4730303 (O)
Calcutta-700033.                               4735212 (O)
					STD: 033.


Central Pollution Control Board         Shri M.K.Choudhari,
North East Zone,                        Asstt.Environmental
Arden,Motinagar,                        Engineer,
Shillong-793014.                        Phone:225805 (O)
					      225923 (O)
					      230728 (R)
				        STD: 0364

Central Pollution Control Board,        Dr.K.C.Rathore,
South Zone Office,                      Env.Engineer,
1st Floor,West of Chord Road            Phone: 3322981 (O)
2nd Stage, Rajaji Nagar,                       3355686 (R)
Bangalore-560086.                       STD: 080.
Fax - 080-3322981


Central Pollution Control Board,       Shri S.S.Bala,
West Zone Office,                      Scientist 'C'
Chaksi Premiseses Factory,             Phone: 338513 (O)
Prya Lakshmi Mill Rd.                         339594 (R)
Vadodara -390003.                      STD: 0265.


Names, Addresses and Telephone Numbers of State Pollution Control Boards
Andhra Pradesh 

Andhra Pradesh Pollution                Chairman:
Control Board, Mythilivanam,            Dr.C.S. Rangachari,
IInd Floor,                                        
Huda Complex, Amerpet,                  Phone: 231440 (O)
Sarathi Studia,                                316295 (R)
Hyderabad- 500 038                      Member Secretary:
				        Shri V.P. Jauhari   
Gram: Kalushyanivaran,                  Phone: 293278 (O)
Telex: 0425-6581 APCB IN                       294043 (O)
STD -040                                       319477 (R)
Fax No.293261          

Andaman & Nicobar

A&N Islands Pollution Control           Chairman:        
Committee, A & N Administration,        Shri. C.P. Oberoi   
Port Blair-744101                                      
	 			        Member Secretary :
				        Shri. Beant Singh      

Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh Pollution             Chairman: 
Control Board,                          Shri G.P.Shukla
Govt. of Arunanchal Pradesh,            Phone: 27064 (O) 
Office of Principal Chief                      27114 (O)
Conservator of Forests &                       2371  (R)    
Secretary (E&F),                        Member Secretary:
Itanagar-791111                         Shri K.V.Alexander
STD: 03781                              Phone: 27107 (O) 
Fax : 2361                                     2410 (R)


Pollution Control Board, Assam          Chairman : 
Bamunimaidan,                           Shri Radika Chowdhury    
Guwahati-781021                         Phone: 550258 (O)
					       566965 (R)
Gram: POLUTIONCONTROL,GUWAHATI          Member Secretary:
				        Shri C.C.Bora,
STD: 0361                               Phone:550259 (O)
Telex : 02352500 APCB-IN                      561604 (R)
Fax : 550259                                       


Bihar State Pollution                   Chairman
Control Board,                          Prof.R.C.Sinha
BELTRON Bhavan,                         Phone: 281776 (O)
					       281220 (O)
2nd Floor,                                     650690 (R)
Jawaharlal Nehru Marg,                         654323 (R)
Shastri Nagar,                          Member Secretary,
Patna-800 023.                          Shri M.P. Singh    
Gram: POLCON PATNA                      Phone: 281250 (O)
STD: 0612                                      252291 (R)
Fax : 281050                                         


Chandigarh Pollution Control            Chairman:
Committee,Chandigarh                    Shri K.K. Khandelwal  
Administration,                         Phone: 548142(O)
Addl. Town Hall Bldg.,                         548003(R)   
Sector 17-C,
Chandigarh - 160 017.

Fax No.705186                                                               
STD: 0172                               Member Secretary:
				        Shri P.J.S.Dadhwal,
				        Phone: 705186 (O)
					       541767 (R)

Daman, Diu & Dadra Nagar Haveli      

Daman, Diu & Dadra Nagar Haveli         Chairman:    
Pollution  Control  Committe,           Shri Dharmendra Sharma
Daman, Diu & Dadra Nagar Haveli        
Administration, MODI DAMAN-396220       Phone: 32773(O)/32774(R)
STD: 02636                              Member Secretary: 
	 			        Shri. Manish Gupta
				        Dy. Commissioner 
				        Phone: 33012 (O)

Delhi Pollution Control                 Chairman:
Committee, Delhi Administration,        Shri D.S.Negi
5/9, Under Hill Road,                   Phone: 2930783 (O)
					       2941773 (R)
Delhi-110054.                           Member Secretary:
Fax:2519396                             Shri R. Raghuraman, 
STD:011                                 Phone: 2932157 (O)
					       236381  (O)    


Goa State Pollution                     Chairman
Control Board,                          Dr.Carmo Pegado
H.No.243,                               Phone: 230708(O)     
PATTO,                                  (0834) 222691(R)
Panaji,                                 Member Secretary,
Goa-403001.                             Shri H.R. Kulkarni,
				        Phone: 227974 (O):0832
STD:    0832                                   221150 (R):0832
Fax : 232740.


Gujarat Pollution Control               Chairman:
Board, Old Assembly                     Dr. Prem Shankar V. Bhatt 
Building, 2nd Floor                     Phone: 22425,26295
Sector No.10-A,                                22095,22096 (O)
Gandhinagar-382043.                            20595,26649 (R)
Gram:  CLEENWATER,                     Member Secretary:
Gandhinagar,                           Shri K.D. Rathore
Telex: 1203-230 GPCB-IN                Phone: 22095,22096  (O)
STD: 02712                                    6745226      (R)
Fax : 22784.


Haryana Pollution                       Chairman:
Control Board,SCO.11-A & 12             Dr. Tarsem Lal,
(Ist & IInd Floors),                    Phone: 548608, 40598  (O)
Sector 8-C,Madhya Marg,                        560736, 568942 (R)   
Chandigarh.                             Member Secretary
Gram: ENIVROMENT                        Shri S.C. Mann          
STD:0172                                Phone: 549485 (O)
Fax: 548608                                    663308, 661660 (R)

Himachal Pradesh

H.P.Pollution Control                   Chairman:
Board,                                  Shri.Ajay Bahadur Singh
Hotel Kings, Top Floor,                 Phone: 212692 (O)
The Mall,                                      212669 (R)
Shimla-171001                           Member Secretary:
Gram: CLEENVIRON                        Shri Ashok Sharma
STD/Fax: 0177-5701                      Phone: 212337, 72068 (O)
					       201217, 6454  (R)


Karnataka State Pollution               Chairman:
Control Board,                          Dr. K.V. Bengeri,       
No.25,8th Floor,                        Phone: 5588151 (O)
Public Utility Building,                       5254196 (R)
Mahatma Gandhi Road,                    Member Secretary:
Bangalore-560001.                       Shri B. Shivalingiah
Gram: JALRAKSHA                         Phone:5588270  (O)
BANGALORE.                                    3300947  (R)
STD: 080
Telex : 08458348 KPCB IN
Fax No.5586321


Kerala State Pollution                  Chairman:
Control Board                           Shri J.Venugopalan Nair
Plamoodu Jn.Pattam Place P.O.           Phone: 438150(O)/321639(R)
Thiruvananthapurum- 695004              Member Secretary :
STD: 0471                               Shri Paul Thachil
Fax:   438152                           Phone: 438151,438153(O)  
Gram: CLEENWATER TRIVANDRUM             EPABX: 438151        


Lakshdweep Pollution Control            Chairman:
Committee,                              Shri V.K.Singh (Collector- 
Lakshadweep Administration,             cum-Development
Lakhsdweep                              Commissioner)
				        Member Secretary
				        Deputy Director,S&T

Maharashtra Pollution Control           Chairman:
Board,                                  Shri Rajan Shirodkar,
Sh.Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj.         Phone: 2821323 (O)
Municipal Market Building,              7571678, 2671356 (O)       
4th Floor, Mata Ramabai                 6120900, 2655073 (O)      
Ambedkar Road                                   
Bombay-400 001.                         Member Secretary:
Grams: PREPOLL.                         Shri. C.S. Sangit Rao,
BOMBAY                                  Phone:  2614348,2671356
STD:022                                         2614348 (O)
Fax No.2612320                                  2027580 (R). 

Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh Pradushan                Chairman
Niwaran Madal,                          Shri R.A.Khanna
Paryavaran Parisar,                     Phone: 563143 (O)
					       563921 (R) 
Sector, E-5, Arera Colony,              Member Secretary: 
Near Habibganj Police                   Shri D.K. Upmanyu
Station, Bhopal-462016                  Phone: 566735 (O)
Gram: ENVIRONMENT                                     (R)
STD: 0755                                    
Fax: 563742                                  
Telex: 0705231 PCOB IN 


Meghalaya State Pollution               Chairman:
Control Board,                          Shri B.N. Mishra
'Arden'Lumpynagngad,                    Phone: 227017 (O)    
Moti Nagar,                                    225697 (R)
Sillong-793014                          Member Secretary
Gram: POLLUTROL                                              
SHILLONG                                Phone: 227064 (O)
STD:0364.                                      230434 (R)
				        Fax No.0364-227114


Mizoram State Pollution                  Chairman:
Control Board,                           Shri Lalthanzama, IFS(Retd)
Chatlang,                                Phone:2123  (O)
Aizawal.                                       22458 (R)
Mizoram - 796 012.                       Member Secretary:
				         Shri S.S.Garbyal
STD : 03832                              Phone: 23179 (O)
Fax : 3179                                      22455 (R)


Manipur Pollution Control Board          Chairman:
Langol Housing Complex,                  Dr. N. Luwang   
Langol, Imphal-795004                    Phone: 222760  (O)
					        220305  (R)
STD:0385                                 Member Secretary:
Fax:    310375                           Shri S.Lalit K.Singh,
				         Phone: 221202 (R)          
					        310375 (O)

Nagaland Pollution Control Board,        Chairman:
C/o Chief Secy.Govt. of Nagland,         Shri E.T.Sanup
Deptt. of Forests, Ecology and           Member Secretary
Environment & Wildlife,                  (Comm. & Secy.)
Kohima.                                  (Forests,  Ecology, 
				          Env. & WL). 


Orissa State Pollution                   Chairman:
Control Board,                           Secretary (Env.)
				         Dr.R.C. Das,      
A-118, Nilkantha Nagar, Unit VIII,       Phone: 405973 (O)
Bhubaneswar-751012                              432621 (R)
STD : 0674                               Member Secretary:
Fax : 405973                             Shri S.K. Ghoshal,     
Telex:0675457 OCAC IN                    Phone: 406368 (O)
					        403728 (R)        

Jammu & Kashmir                     

Jammu & Kashmir State Pollution          Chairman:
Control Board,                           Shri R.D. Tiwari,IFS
J&K Civil Secretariat,                   Phone: 46901  (O)
Srinagar-190001.                                72687  (R)
STD : 0194*                              Member Secretary:
   0191#                                 Shri M.A. Bhat
*Srinagar                                Phone:7602, 31338 (O)
# Jammu                                        31977 (R) 


Pondicherry Pollution Control Committee, Chairman:
Pondicherry,                             Shri B.V. Selvaraj
Administration, Pondicherry,             Secretary (E&F)
STD : 0413                               Phone: 34082 (O)
				         Member Secretary:
				         Shri K. Balasubramanian,   
				         (Town & Country 
				         Planning Department).
				         Govt.of Pondicherry
				         Phone:34056 (O)     
					       38379 (R)

Punjab Pollution Control Board           Chairman:
Paryavaran Bhavan,                       Shri N.S.Tiwari,
Nabha Road,                              Phone: 215793 (O)
Patiala-147001                             215206,79637(R)
Gram: CLEAN ENVIRON, PATIALA             Member Secretary:
STD: 0175.                               Shri S.B.Sharma,
Fax: 215636                              Phone: 215802 (O)
					        215636 (R)

Rajasthan State Pollution                Chairman:
Control Board,                           Shri K.L. Mina  
4, Jhalana                               Phone: 515980 (O)
Institutional                                   515080 (R)
Area, Jhalana                            Member Secretary                 
Dungri,                                  Shri B.K. Surana,                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Jaipur-302004.                           Phone: 515731 (O)
Fax : 141-515980, 510647                        520065 (R)             
STD: 0141                                  


State Land Use & Env. Board,             Shri. Gopal Lamchaney
Govt. of Sikkim, Deorali,                Chairman,
Gangtok, Sikkim.                         Govt. of Sikkim.

	  		                 Member Secy. & Chief
			                 Cons. of Forests
			                 Shri. T.R. Sharma     
			                 Ph : 22795
Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board       Chairman:
100 Anna Salai,                          Shri A.P. Muthuswamy              
Madras-600032.                           Phone: 2353076 (O)
STD: 044                                 Member Secretary,
Telex: 417585 TPOL IN                    Shri G.Rangaswamy,
GRAMS: CONPOL                            Phone: 2353145 (O)
Fax: 2353076                                    5375027 (R)                                                  


Tripura State Pollution                  Chairman:
Control Board,                           Shri Jithendra Chaudhuri
Kerchowmuhani,                           Phone: 225421 (O)
Krishnnan Nagar,                         Member Secretary:
Agartala-799001.                         Shri Bhaskar Nandi Mazumdar
Tripura (W)                              Phone: 225421 (O)
STD : 0381
Fax : 225421 


Uttar Pradesh Pollution                  Chairman:
Control Board,                           Shri N.C. Bajpai, 
III Floor,                               Phone: 222088 (O)
PICUP Bhavan,                                  
Vibhuti Khand,                           Member Secretary:
Lucknow-226020.                          Shri C.S.Bhatt
Gram: PARYAVARAN                         Phone: 391446 (O)
   LUCKNOW                                      393772 (O)
STD: 0522.                                      393741 (R)
Fax : 391446

West Bengal

West Bengal Pollution                    Chairman
Control Board,                           Dr. Deb Kumar Bose,
10 -Camac Street, Industry House,        Phone: 3215124(O)
2nd Floor,                                      4405913(R)
				         Member Secretary,
STD: 033.                                Shri Rama Subban
Fax: 2423162                             Phone: 2421959 (O)
					        2465626 (O)
					        4758102 (R)


Names,Addresses and Telephone Numbers of the Chief Secretaries of States/UT
			   Code         Telephone No.
			    No.       Office    Residence

Andhra Pradesh

1.   Dr.  M.S. Rajajee,             040       232620    248924
Chief Secretary,
Govt. of Andhra Pradesh,
Fax: 040-233700
Telex: 425-6325

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

2.   Shri Narendra Prasad,         03192     21087     21227
Chief Secretary,                        
Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Admn., Port Blair
Fax No.03192-21227


3.   Shri T.K. Kamilla,            0361      561120    561821
Chief Secretary,                             561409            
Govt. of Assam,                              562258    
Fax No.0361-560900

Arunachal Pradesh

4.   Dr. D.C. Mishra,              03781     2595     22444
Chief Secretary,                                      23396
Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh,
Fax No.03781-22446


5.   Shri A.K.Basak,               0612      222085    221023
Chief Secretary,                             223804    225880
Govt. of Bihar,
Fax: 0612-223983


6.   Shri Pradip Mehra,            0172      549001    549003
Adviser to Administrator,                              549004
Chandigarh Admn.,
Chandigarh - 160 001.

Dadra & Nagar Haveli

7.   Shri S.P. Aggarwal            02639    42777      
Administrator,                (Available
Dadra & Nagar Haveli Admn.     only on
Circuit House,                 Wednesday)

Daman & Diu

8.   Shri S.P. Aggarwal,           02636    34700      34776
Administrator,                              34770      34777
Daman & Diu,                                34775 (FAX)
Circuit House,


9.   Shri P.V. Jayakrishnan,                 2527808   2933222
Chief Secretary,                             2932962   2522988
Delhi Admn.,
Delhi - 110 054.
Fax No.2932962


10   Shri G.C. Srivatsava,         0832      223168    224908
Chief Secretary,
Govt. of Goa,
Panaji - 403 001.
Fax No.0832-225254


11.  Shri S.K. Shelath,            02712    20372(D)   442401
Chief Secretary,                            6501
Govt. of Gujarat
Fax No.20052


12.  Mr.M.C.Gupta                  0172      540118    544007
Chief Secretary,                             540944
Govt. of Haryana,
Fax No.0172-540317  
Himachal Pradesh

13.  Shri R.K.Anand,             0177      221022    203075 (R)
Chief Secretary,
Govt.of Himachal Pradesh,
Simla - 171 001.
Fax No.0177-221813.


14.  Shri Ashok Kumar    (Sonwar)  0194     452257     452252
Chief Secretary,       (Srinagar)  0194     455353     452703
Govt. of Jammu &          (Jammu)  0191     544338     546319
Fax No.0191-546188 (Jammu)
Fax No.0194-452356 (Srinagar)


15.  Shri B.R. Prabakhara,         080      2252442    
Chief Secretary,
Dr. Ambedkar Road,
Govt. of Karnataka,
Bangalore - 560 001.
Fax No.080-2258913


16.  Shri C. Parameswaran Nair    0471       67376     65826
Chief Secretary,                             67147
Govt. of Kerala,                             67176
Thiruvanathapuram - 695 014.
Fax No.0471-62301, 67115


17.  Shri Rajeev Talwar,          04866      62255     62344
Administrator,                               62184     62388
Via, Cochin.
(H.P.O) 682 555

Madhya Pradesh

18. Shri S.C. Behar,              0755      551848     558387    
Chief Secretary,                            551370
Govt. of Madhya Pradesh
Vallabh Bhavan,
Bhopal - 462 014.
Fax No.0755-551521


19.  Shri D.K. Afzal Purkar,       022       2028762   2027779
Chief Secretary,                             2025042   2854643
Govt. of Maharashtra,
Fax No.022-2028594


20.  Shri Jel Shyam,              0385      221144    221155
Chief Secretary,                            220064
Govt. of Manipur, Imphal.
Fax No.0385-222629


21.  Shri K.K.Sinha,               0364      224801    223083
Chief Secretary,                             224201  
Govt. of Meghalaya,                     
Shillong - 793 001.
Fax No.0364-225978


22.  Shri Lalfak Zuala             03832     22411      22412
Chief Secretary,                             22745      23467
Govt. of Mizoram.
Aizwal - 796 001.
Fax No.03832-22745


23.  Shri T.C.K.Lotha,              03866     22919      22946
Chief Secretary,                              22534      22168
Govt. of Nagaland,
Fax No.03866-22927


24.  Shri R.N. Bhujabal            0674      402300    400062
Chief Secretary,                             400300    402609
Govt. of Orissa,
Bhubaneswar - 751 007.
Fax No.0674-400244


25.  Shri S.R. Arya,               0413      34145     72912
Chief Secretary,                             35512     72258
Chief Sectt. Bldg.,
Govt. of Pondicherry,                                             
Pondicherry-605 001.
Fax No. 37575


26.  Shri V.K. Khanna,             0172      540156    549718
Chief Secretary,                             540860 
Govt.of Punjab,                              540649
Chandigarh - 160 017.
Fax No.0172-540936


27.  Shri M.L.Mehta                0141     380114     561324     
Chief Secretary,                            380254 
Govt. of Rajasthan,
Jaipur - 302 009.
Fax No.0141-380114


28.  Shri Sonam Wangai,          0359        22315     23308
Chief Secretary,
Govt. of Sikkim,
Fax No.0359-22851

Tamil Nadu

29.  Shri K.A. Nambiar,            044       561555   4937667
Chief Secretary,
Govt. of Tamil Nadu,
Fort St. George,
Chennai - 600 009.
Fax No.044-567128


30.  Shri V. Tulsi Das,            0381    223200    223360
Chief Secretary,                           224392    224915
Govt. of Tripura,
Fax No.0381-4013


31.  Shri Mata Prasad,             0522      241599    227282
Chief Secretary,                             242547    274259
Govt. of U.P.,
Lucknow - 226 001.
Fax No.0522-221204.

West Bengal

32.  Shri A.K. Mazumdar,           033       2252222   4404542
Chief Secretary,
Govt., of West Bengal,
Writer's Building,
Calcutta - 700 001.
Fax No.033-2258262


Names, Addresses and Telephone Numbers of the Nodal Departments of States.
			     Code     Telephone Numbers
			      No.    Office    Residence        
Andhra Pradesh

Shri Ramasubbareddy, IAS         040    235826        -     
Department of Environment,
Science & Technology,
Govt. of Andhra Pradesh,


Shri M.C. Barua               0361      561460           
Department of Environment        
Assam Secretariat,           
Govt. of Assam,
Guwahati-781006 (Assam)
Fax No.566293.

Arunachal Pradesh

Shri  D.C. Sankala,          03781       2361      4370
Agriculture & Horticulture, 
Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh,
Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh.


Shri S.M. Biswas             0612     224713       284466
Forests & Environment
Department, Govt. of Bihar,
Patna, Bihar. 
Fax : 231105

Shri D.S. Negi,                        2930783    2941773
Secretary (Environment),
Delhi Administration,
5/9, Underhill Road, Delhi-110054.


Shri G.C.Srivastava,            0832   223168    224908
Department of Environment,
Govt. of Goa,
Fax : 225254


Shri T.C.A. Rangathri           02712   20140    20606 
Secretary,                              6456 (EPABX)
Environment & Forests, Department,
Govt. of Gujarat,Sachivalaya,
8th Floor,
FAX : 26296


Shri. T.D. Jogpal,               0172    540311    42160
Secretary (Environment),                 550657
Haryana Civil Secretariat,
Government of Haryana,

Himachal Pradesh

Mr. Arvind Kaul                 0177     221867   220853          
Financial Commissioner &                       
Secretary (Env)
Deptt. of Environment,
Govt. of Himachal Pradesh,
Fax : 221154     

J & K

Shri. A.R. Parrah,               0194    52238    32883
Secretary (Forest Department)
Govt. of Jammu & Kashmir,


Shri K.V. Nambiar,              0471  437765    437511
Secretary for Environment,         
Govt. of Kerala,


Dr.A. Ravindra,                 080    2256722   5297852
Ecology and Environment Deptt.,
Government of Karnataka,
644, M.S.Building,
Fax No.2253893

Madhya Pradesh

Shri Rakesh Sahani              0755   551094    2020430
Secretary (Environment)                551420          
Govt. of Madhya Pradesh,
Fax : 0755-551876


Shri Ashok Basak,              022     2026767   2020430
Principal Secretary,
Department of Energy and
Govt. of Maharashtra,
Mantralaya, Bombay-400032.
Fax No.2029388


Shri. A.J.Tayeng,             0385      221149    220276
Commissioner for Forests,
Government of Manipur,
Imphal - 795001.


Mr.J.P. Singh,                  0364   226888    225338
Environment Department,
Govt. of Meghalaya,


Mr. F.R. Mehta,                03832   22453     22455
Chief Conservator,
Ex-officio Secy (Env),
Government of Mizoram,


Shri. Kiao,                    03866    21472     22533
Chief Conservator for Forests,


Shri R.M. Senapati              0674    401152    
Principal Secretary,
Science, Technology and
Environment & Forest Department,
Orissa Secretariat,
Govt. of Orissa,

Shri P. Ram                     0172   548136   549755
Science, Technology &
Environment Department,
Govt. of Punjab,
Punjab Civil Secretariat,


Shri. V.V. Bhatt,                0413    84082    34683
Secretary for Environment,
Chief Secy. Building,
Govt. of Pondicherry.


Shri K.L. Mina,                 0141    515980    515424
Secretary,                              512631
Department of Environment,              511263
Govt. of Rajasthan,
Jaipur, Rajasthan.
Fax: 515980.


Shri N.Shenga,                  03592   22261      -
Deptt. of Environment & Forests,
Govt. of Sikkim,

Tamil Nadu

Shri K.S. Sripathy                 044   561511   653169 
Secretary and Commissioner,
Forests and Environment Deptt.
Govt. of Tamil Nadu, Fort St.George,
Madras-600009.  Fax : 560560


Shri M.Damodaran,                  0381   223200   223360
Deptt. of Science, Technology
and Environment,
Govt. of Tripura,
Agartala-799001 (Tripura)

Uttar Pradesh

Shri N.C. Bajpai,                  0522   242088    241118
Secretary (Environment),
Forests and Environment Department
Govt. of Uttar Pradesh, 
Room No.13, New Buildings
Vidhan Bhavan,
Lucknow-226001. FAX : 222088.

West Bengal

Shri Kalyan Biswas,                033     2257192   400643
Forests & Environment Deptt.
Govt. of West Bengal,
Writer's Building,
Calcutta-700001. FAX : 2257192


Names, Addresses and Telephone Numbers of DG FASLI and Regional Labour Institutes
					Telephone Nos.
				     Office     Residence

1.    Shri S.K.Saxena,                   4074358   4091526
  D.G.F.A.S.L.I.,                        4092203
  CLI, Manikikar Marg,
  Sion, Bombay-400022.
  Telex : 74577 CLI IN
  Fax No : 4071986

2.    Shri V.L. Kathane,                 4092203   6043149
  Director in Charge,   
  (Dock Safety),            
  CLI, Manikikar Marg,
  Sion, Bombay-400022.
  Telex : 74577 CLI IN
  Fax No : 4071986

3.    Shri D.B.Deb,                      343254    333865
  Director in Charge                     342732
  Regional Labour Institute,             342735
  Lajeetown, Patipukin,

4.    Shri. W.A. Balakumaran,            2352457   
  Director in Charge,
  Regional Labour Institute,
  TTTI Post Office, Adyar,
  Madras - 600 113.

5.    Shri. P.N. Sharma,               218691     218706
  Director in Charge,                  218692
  Regional Labour Institute,           218745
  Sarvodaya Nagar,
  Kanpur - 5.

6.    Shri U.K. Das,                    2613391   3721830 
  Dy. Director (S)                            
  Inspectorate of Dock Safety,             
  Operation Service Centre,
  3rd Floor, Opposite GPO,
  P.D'Mello Road,
  Bombay - 400 038.
7.    Shri. A.K. Ganguly,                277955    531919
  Dy. Director (S),
  Inspectorate of Dock Safety,
  8, Ganesh Chandra Avenue,
  Calcutta - 700 013.
  Fax No. 277955

8.    Shri. P. Nagarajan,                512088    5229330
  Deputy Director (S),
  Inspectorate of Dock Safety,
  3rd Floor, Anchor Gate Bldg.,
  Rajaji Salai,
  Madras - 600 001.

9.    Shri. P.B. Motiani,               70249     22738
  Assistant Director (S),
  Inspectorate of Dock Safety,
  Near Bunder Gate,
  New Kandla - 370 210.

10.    Shri. Sushil Kumar,              512247
  Assistant Director (S),
  Inspectorate of Dock Safety,
  108, Neogi Mansion,
  Goa - 403 802.

11.    Shri. Amar Singh,
  Assistant Director (S),
  Inspectorate of Dock Safety,
  Badappadia, Cuttack District,
  Paradip - 754 142.

12.    Shri. C. Konda Babu             63857       63814
  Assistant Director (S),
  Inspectorate of Dock Safety,
  T-30, New Entry Camp,
  Port Area,
  Vishakapatnam - 530 035.

13.    Shri. T.V. Ramachandran,        52372       52272
  Assistant Director (S),              52290       52290
  Inspectorate of Dock Safety,         Ext.244     Ext.306
  T.P.T. Admn. Office Bldg.,
  Opp. Office Canteen,
  Tuticorin - 628 004.

14.    Shri. Aneel Anthony,           666532       667068
  Assistant Director (S),
  Inspectorate of Dock Safety,
  C.D.L.B. Dispensary Bldg.,
  G.V. Ayyer Road,
  Willington Island,
  Cochin - 682 003.

15.    Shri. C.M. Nigli,              407781       404857
  Assistant Director (S),
  Inspectorate of Dock Safety,
  New Mangalore Port,
  New Mangalore - 575 010.


Names, Addresses and Telephone Numbers of The Chief Inspectorate of Factories of various States.
Sl.    Name and Address                          Telephone No.
No.                                          -------------------   
				     Office    Residence

1. Andhra Pradesh    

Shri K.V.Paparao                        638449    612151      
Director of Factories,                  632467            
Andhra Pradesh,                         637955              
Door No.1-10-17,
Ashok Nagar,
Hyderabad-500 020.

2. Andaman & Nicober Islands

Shri U.S.Verma,                         20547   20327   
Labour Commissioner &
Chief Inspector of Factories,
Andman & Nicobar Islands,
Port Blair-744 101
Telegraphic: LABCOM

3. Assam

Shri D.P.Hazarika                      560069    561843
Chief Inspector of                     562176
Factories, Assam,                      564330
Upasana Bldg.
R.G.Barua Road
(Near AIDC),
Guwahati-24 (Assam)

4. Bihar

Shri Maheswari Prasad,                 300834    301366
Chief Inspector of Factories,          300953
Bihar, Factories Inspection Office
P.O. Hinoo, 

5. Chandigarh

Shri Krishan Mohan,IAS                  29900  
Labour Commissioner &
Director of Factories,
Chandigarh Administration,
Sector 17C,

6. Dadra &  Nagar Haveli

Shri Kiran Bhatia,                      2059       2816
Chief Inspector of Factories
   & Boilers
Dadra & Nagar Haveli,
Telex : ADMIN

7. Delhi

Shri S.P.Tyagi,                         2523965   2523756
Chief Inspector of Factories,
Delhi, 15, Rajpura Road,
Delhi-110 054.

8. Goa

Shri C.V.Dhume,                        227670     44756
Chief Inspector of                            
Factories, Goa, 
Factory & Boiler Inspectorate,
Safety Training,
Centre Bldg., Altinoho,
Panaji, Goa.
Fax No. : 0832 - 226510

9. Gujarat

Shri C.P.Patel,                         5501042         
Chief Inspector of Factories            5503571
Shram Bhavan, 4/5th Floor,              FAX : 5502041
Rustam Cama Marg, Khanpur,
Ahmedabad-380 001.
STD Code : 079.

10. Haryana

Shri R.L.Kalra,                         542918    562260     
Director, Industrial Safety 
& Health,
S.C.O. 82-83,
Sector 17-C,
Chandigarh - 160 017.
Telex : LABCOM

11. Himachal Pradesh

Shri Rajamani Tripathi                 201085      6650
Labour Commissioner &
Chief Inspector of
Factories, Himachal Pradesh
Stokes Place,
Simla-171 002
Telegraphic: HIMSHRAM

12. Jammu & Kashmir

Shri Suresh Kumar, IAS.                  48926     31892
Labour Commissioner &
Chief Inspector of
Factories, Jammu & Kashmir
Telegram: LABOUR

From November to April
Rehari, Labour Sarai,                 72624
Rehari,Jammu (Tawi)
Jammu & Kashmir State.

From May to October

Batmaloo,  Srinagar                              
Telegram: LABOUR

13. Kerala

Shri K.M. Amanulla                     463597   437302
Director of Factories &                (Dir,
Boilers, Kerala,                       77974)
Padmavilasam Road,
Nalanda Fort,

14. Karnataka

Shri S.N.Krishna Murthy,                2260106  3353892
Chief Inspector of Factories                
& Boilers, Karnataka,                           
No.3, 3rd Floor, 1st cross st,
Kheny Bldg.,Sri B.B.Naidu Rd.,
15. Madhya Pradesh

Shri S.D.Verma                         533482     401945
Director, Industrial Safety &                     
Health,Madhya Pradesh, 
New Moti Bunglow,
N.G.Road, Indore-452001.
Fax : 0731-536600

16. Maharashtra

Shri H.N.Mirashi,                       4945477   6260388
Director of Industrial                  4942230
Safety & Health,                        4942231
Maharashtra Factory                     4942232   
Inspection Office                       4942233
Commerce Centre,
5th Floor,

17. Manipur

Shri Ch. Birendra Singh                  310220      223725
Director of Industries
cum-Chief Inspector of
Factories, Manipur.

18. Meghalaya

Shri. S.K. Srivastava, IAS,
Labour Commissioner &
Chief Inspector of Factories & Boilers,
Room No.409, Addl. Sectt (Civil Bldg),
Shillong - 793 001.

19. Nagaland

Shri. T.N. Mannen, IAS,                541       2577
Labour Commissioner &
Chief Inspector of Factories 
& Boilers, Nagaland,
Kohim - 797 001.
Telex : LABCOM

20. Orissa

Shri S.C. Panda, IAS,                  406020    406030
Dy.Ch.Insp.& Factories & Boilers,      406070
Kharvelnagar, Orissa,
Unit No.III,
Fax No.0674-406070

21. Pondicherry

Shri S.M. Khanna,                      38555     38573
Labour Commissioner &                       
Chief Inspector of
Labour Complex Bldg,
Vazhuvoor Road,
Gandhi Nagar,

22. Punjab

Shri D.M. Dua, IAS,                     24863     24858
Labour Commissioner &
Director of Factories
Punjab, 19,
Sector 22B Chandigarh
Telegram: LABCOM

23. Mizoram

Shri. Denghuna, IAS                      3370     3369
Labour Commissioner &
Chief Inspector of Factories,
Govt. of Mizoram,
Aizwal - 796 001.

24. Rajasthan

Shri Prabhakar Bhatt,                   519659    513839
Secretary & Chief                       519616
Inspector of Factories
& Boilers, Rajasthan,
6C, Jhalana Doongri Institutional Area,
Behind Commerce College,

25. Sikkim

Shri. Tashi Wangchuk,
Dy. Secy to the Govt. of Sikkim,
Department of Labour,

26. Tamil Nadu

Shri D. Vasudevan                      8541028            
Chief Inspector of Factories,          8543617
Tamil Nadu,                            8544091
Chepauk,                               8543617

27. Tripura

Shri. N.C. Bhowmik,                      3915       4295
Chief Inspector of Factories,
& Boilers, Tripura,
11, Jagannath Bari Road,
2nd Floor, Agartala - 799001.

28. Uttar Pradesh

Shri M.N.Siddique,                     295172       294614
Director of Factories,                 295173
Uttar Pradesh,                         Ext. 206
P.B. No.220,
Kanpur-208 005     
Fax No. 0512-297142
Telex : FACTOR

29. West Bengal

Shri Mazumdar,                          2486271
Chief Inspector of Factories,           Ext. 141
New Secretariat Building,       
8th Floor,
1, KSA Road,
Fax No. 2258262
Telex : FACTORIES, W.B.     


Names,Addresses and Telephone Numbers of Chief Controller and Controllers of Explosives (Head Office) Nagpur

Deptt. of Explosives, Old High Court Building, Civil Lines, Nagpur

					Telephone Nos.
				     Office    Residence
1.    Shri A.S. Ghoshal,                 525102     532178
  Chief Controller of

  Dy.Chief Controller of

		      Andhra Pradesh

    Office of the Controller of Explosives, Kendriya Sadan
  First  Floor,  Sultan  Bazar,  Koti,   Hyderabad-500195 (A.P.)

3.    Shri P.Adbul Kadar                 517803     599887
  Controller of Explosives


		 Department of Explosives
    Office of the Controller of Explosives, G.N.B.Road
    Ananta Baba Temple, New Guwahati, Guwahati-781020
		   (Assam), N.E.States.

4.    Shri N.N.Waldekar                  550088     550085
  Controller of Explosives           Gram: EXPLOSIVES
				    Fax No.0361-550088. 


  Office of the Controller of Explosives, 8, Juhu Park,
		Hazaribagh-824301 (Bihar)

5.    Shri P.C.Kataria              06546-2745     2903
  Controller of Explosives.

  Office of the Dy.Controller of Explosives, P.O.Indian
		Explosives (GOMIA-829102)

6.    Shri D.J.Roy
  Dy.Controller of Explosives.   06546-253       240


Office of the Controller of Explosives, C.C.O. 1134-1135,
Sector 22B, Chandigarh-160022 (Delhi, H.P.,J&K, Haryana,(Punjab)

7     Dr.J.V.Singh                    (0172) 22786    604788


  Office of the Controller of Explosives, Mrudula Sadan
	   Pratap Road, Raopura, Baroda-390001

8.    Dr.M.K.Bachlaus                    420512    540922
  Controller of Explosives.


Office of the Controller of Explosives, 46/226, Power House
	Opp.Chittoor Road, Ernakulam-Cochin-820018.

9.    Shri K.N.Ghosh                     366258    366258
  Controller of Explosives


    Office of the Controller of Explosives, IInd Floor
      Manipady Complex, Old Kent Road, Mangalore-1.

10.   Dr.S.I.Mali,                       27288     412382
  Controller of Explosives


Office of Dy.Chief Controller of Explosives, West Circle,
 Industrial Assurance Building, Opp. Churchagate Station,
		  Fort, Bombay-400020..

11.   Shri P.K.Bandyopadhyaya            220919    483365
  Dy.Chief Controller of Explosives,

12.   Shri S.I.Garg,                     220919/    485115
  Controller of Explosives,              221192
  West Circle, Bombay

	Office of the Dy.Controller of Explosives
   C/o General Manager, Ordnance Factory, Jawahar Nagar

13.   Shri P.M.Bheley               8261            
  Dy.Controller of Explosives

      Office of Dy.Controller of Explosives
Gitai Nagar (Gopuri), Paonar Naka, Near Dhuniwale Math, Wardha
14.Dr.M.M.Beg,                     4506
Dy.Controller of Explosives

		   Madhya Pradesh

Office of the Controller of Explosives, Hx,101/E-7,
Arera Colony Extension, Shapur, Bhopal-462016 (M.P.)

15.   Shri M.Prakash              (0562)     565550    565631
  Controller of Explosives


      Office of the Controller of Explosives, B-274,
		 Sector 6,Rourkela-769012

16.   Shri R.P.Malhotra                  690098    6698
  Controller of Explosives

			Tamil Nadu

Office of the Dy.Chief Controller of Explosives, South Circle,
    26, Haddows Road, Shastri Bhavan, Madras -600006.

17.  Shri M.Anbunathan                   8279851    614279
  Dy. Chief Controller of Explosives, 

Office of the Dy.Controller of Explosives, Door No.57,   
First Floor, Katpadi Road, Gandhi Nagar, Vellore -632006

18.   Shri C.P.Chari                     24513     
  Dy.Controller of Explosives

      Office of the Controller of Explosives 2/139,
  Virdhunagar Road, Thiruthangal, Sivakasi-626130 (T.N.)

19.   Shri S.Sargunaranam,             20453     22145
  Dy.Controller of Explosives.

		      Uttar Pradesh

     Office of the Dy.Chief Controller of Explosives
North Circle 13/ 2194, Purani Mandi, Taj Ganj, Agra-282001.

20.   Shri R.H.Bhalekar           (0562)    360102    360101
  Dy.Chief Controller of Explosives         360064.

21.   Shri A.N.Biswas                    36064     660489
  Controller of Explosives.

		       West Bengal

     Office of Dy.Chief of Explosives, East Circle 8,
	     Esplanade East, Calcutta-700069.
22.   Shri N.G.Kundu                    248-9524    5532122
  Dy.Chief Controller of
  Explosives, Calcutta.

23.   Shri G.L.Deb,                     202134      202134
  Controller of Explosives,

24.   Shri P.Mistry,                    202134     202134 
  Controller of Explosives,
  Manmathalaya Near B.S.
  College More, S.B. Goral Road,
  (Burdwan & Dhandbad Distt.)


	  Office of the Controller of Explosives
	453, AdarshNagar,20 Shops, Jaipur-302004.

25.   Shri S.P.Purwar,           (0141)     44261     49532
  Controller of Explosives.


Names, Addresses and Telephone Numbers of Director General, Mines Safety.
  Director General of Mines Safety, Dhanbad-826001
		Headquarters Organisation
		  Central Zone, Dhanbad
				       Telephone Nos.
				     Office    Residence
1.    Shri B.K.Sharan                    832131     832117    
  Director General
  Directorate General of
  Mines Safety,
  Headquarters Organisation,

2.    Sri S.C.Batra,                     832258      2822
  Dy.Director General (HQ)           
  Directorate General of       PBX  :    5380
  Mines Safety, Headquarters             5293
  Organisations                          5394
  Dhanbad-826001                         5295


Names, Addressses and Telephone Numbers of the Members of the Scientific Advisory Committee
1.        Dr.S.Varadarajan                        Chairman
  4-A,Girdhar Apartments,
  28, Ferozeshah Road
  New Delhi
  Phone: 3712512

2.        Dr.S.Sriramachari                       Member
  Ex-Senior Scientist,
  INSA, New Delhi.
  Phone: 6868402 to 409 Ext.310
	 644 4943(R)

3.        Dr.(Mrs) S.P.Chandra,                   Member     
  Industrial Toxicology Research Centre,
  P.O. Box No.80, M.G.Road,
  Phone: 248227 (O)
	 241856 (O)    

4.        Dr.Heeresh Chandra,                     Member
  Director (Retd.)
  Area Colony, Sector E-I/104,
  Phone: 565680

5.        Dr.P.V.Krishna,                         Member     
  B-7, Labella Apartments,
  Sardar Patel Marg,
  Phone: 404812

6.        Shri J.N.Mathur,                        Member     
  Executive Director
  Oil Safety Deptt.,
  Ministry of Petroleum,
  409- New Delhi House,
  27, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi-110 001.

7.        Chairman,                               Member
  Recruitment & Assessment Centre,
  DRDO, Timarpur, Lucknow Road,
  Delhi-110 054.
  Phone: 238278
8.        Dr.A.K.Mukherjee,                       Member
  Director General,
  Directorate General of Health Services,
  Nirman Bhavan,
  New Delhi-110 011.
  Phone: 3018438

9.        Dr.S.K.Kashyap,                         Member
  National Institute of
  Occupational Health,
  Maghani Nagar,

10.       Dr.R.K.Raheja                           Member     
  Astt.Director General
  Indian Council of Agriculture Research,
  Krishi Bhavan,
  New Delhi-110 001.
  Phone: 3389526.

11.       Dr.B.R.Subrahmaniam,                    Member     
  Department of Ocean Development,
  Mahasagar Bhavan, Block-12
  CGO Complex, Lodi Road,
  New Delhi-110003.
  Phone: 4361510

12.       Dr.P.K.Ghosh,                           Member
  Deptt. of Biotechnology,
  Block-2,7th Floor, CGO Complex,
  Lodi Road,
  New Delhi-110003.
  Phone: 4363012 (O)
	 4360899 (O)

13.       Shri S.K. Saxena,                       Member
  CLI, Manikikar Marg,
  Sion, Bombay-400022.
  Phone : 4074358 (O)
	  4091526 (R)
  Telex : 74577 CLI IN
  Fax No : 4071986

14.       Mrs.Lalitha B.Singh,                    Member     
  Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals,
  Room No.343-A Wing.
  Shastri Bhavan,
  New Delhi-110001.
  Phone: 3382575 (O)                
         3385723 (R) 
15.       Shri D.K.Biswas,                        Member
  Central Pollution Control Board,
  Parivesh Bhavan,
  East Arjun Nagar,
  Phone: 2204948(O)
16.       Shri Vijai Sharma,                      Member     
  Joint Secretary                                 Secretary
  Ministry of Environment and
  Forests, Paryavaran Bhavan,
  CGO Complex, Lodi Road,
  New Delhi.
  Phone: 4360634 (O)
	 4677974 (R)  



Names,Addresses and Telephone Numbers of Experts/Institutions State-Wise List
Andhra Pradesh

1.Dr.V.T.Balerao,                    Phone: 673289/673403
  Director,                          Telex : 0425-7061 IICT IN
  Indian Institute of Chemical       Grams: RESEARCH
  Technology,Uppal Road,                    Hyderabad

2.Dr.Ramesh  Bhatt                   Phone:  868909 Ext.279
  Asstt.Director                     Telex:  0425-7022
  National Institute of Nutrition,   Grams:  NUTRITION

3.Dr.Asad Ali Khan                   Phone: 673626 (O)
  Dy.Director                               522527 (R)
  Chemical Engineering Division      Telex: 0425-7061
  Indian Institute of Chemical              IICT-IN
  Technology,                        Gram: RESEARCH
  Hyderabad-500007.                        Hyderabad
				     Fax: 040-673757 (O)

4.Shri P.A.Khadar                    Phone: 517503 (O)
  Controller of Explosives           Grams: EXPLOSIVES
  Plot No.32, Lepakshinagar                 Hyderabad
  Near Police Station,
  Moradpalli West,

5.Dr.B.L.Deekshatalu,                Phone: 278360 (O)
  Director,                          Telex: 0425-6522
  National Remote Sensing            Fax  : 277210
  Agency, Deptt. of Space,           Phone: 7732423 (R)
  Balanagar, Hyderabad-500037.                          


6.Shri B.P.Challa                     Phone: 21284 (O)
  Scientist-in-Charge,                Telex: 287204
  Regional Research Laboratory,       Grams: 'RESEARCH'
  Jorhat-785006                               JORHAT


7.Dr.T.V.Subbaiah                    Phone: 330550 (PBX) (O)
  Director (Manufacturing)           338466(Dir.) 340816 (R)
  M/s.Alembic Chemical Works         Telex: 0175/201,301
  Co.Ltd.,Alembic Road,              Grams: ALEMBIC
  Baroda-390003.                            BARODA
				     Fax : 330834, 337125

8.Dr.S.K.Kashyap,                    Phone: 866237/866842 (O)
  Director,                                 865142 (R)
  National Institute of              Telex: 121-6471 NIOHIN
  Occupational Health,               Grams: NIOHEALTH
  Meghani Nagar                             AHMEDABAD
  Ahmedabad-380016                   Fax No.866630

9.Shri T.Rangrajan                   Phone: 620034(O)
  Executive Director (Tech)                 622426(O)
  Krishak Bharti  Co.Op.Ltd.                622986(R)
  Surat-394 515

10.Shri J.S.Baxi,                     Phone: 486176
  General Manager (P)
  Chankheda Complex,

11.Shri D.V.Chudasama                 Phone: 25322
  Sr.Manager (Development)                  25323
  Excel India Ltd.                          25324
  6/2, Ruvapari Road,                       25326
				     Gram: Excel
				     Telex: 182-217 XLBV:IN
				     Fax: 91-0278-21075  

12.Shri Darji Rameshbhai Babalal,    Phone: 21945 (O)
  Nisarg Environmental Protection    Fax  : 25393
  "NISARG" 771, Adarsh Nagar,
  Sector 24, Gandhinagar - 382024.


13.Dr.V.Ragunathan.                   Phone: 384182 (O)
  Plant Protection Adviser to                213985 (O)
  the Government of India,                   (Faridabad)
  Directorate of Plant Protection            215117 (R)

Jammu & Kashmir

14.Dr.R.S.Kapil,                      Phone: 546368,549051(O)
  Director,                                  44816,544382(O)
  Regional Research Laboratory        Telex: 0377-231
  (CSIR),Canal Road,                         RRLJ-IN 485511
  Jammu Tawi-180001.                  Grams: REGLAB,Jammu
					     Fax: 0191-548607

15.Dr.V.Ramachandran                  Phone: 570098 (O)
  Scientist `F'                              560730 (R)
  Material  Science  Division         Telex: 08452279 NALIN
  National Aeronautical Lab,          Grams: NAEROLAB
  Bangalore-560017                    Fax: 91 (812)560862

16.Dr.R.S.Murthy,Prof.& Head         Phone:  6642121/221 (O)
   National Institute of  Mental             6642121/Ext.214 (R)
   Health & Neuro Sciences,          Grams:  NIMHANS
   Department of Psychiatry,           
   Post  Bag No.2900,                Telex : 0845-2185-NIMH-IN

17.Dr.(Mrs) I.M.Thomas               Phone: 080 (O)
   Prof. & Head,Deptt. of                   080-5530724 Ext.431
   Anatomy and Division of                  & 432 (O)
   Human  Genetics,                         080-601273(R)
   St.John & Medical College,        Grams: SAINJOHNS
   Bangalore-560 034 
   Fax No.080-5531786

18.Dr.V.Agnihothrudu                 Phone: 3331708/
   18/1, Jaymahal Extension,                3332639
   1st Main, Ist Cross,
   Bangalore-560 046.
   Fax No.3332639


19.Dr.C.S.P.Iyer,                  Phone: 77459(O)
  Head, C-MARS                            72097(R)
  Regional Research Lab (CSIR),    Grams: CONSEARCH
  P.O.Industrial Estate,                  TRIVANDRUM    
  Trivandrum-695019                Telex : 0435-232     
				   Fax: +91 471 75186   

Madhya Pradesh

20.Dr.D.K.Satpathy,                Phone: 540588 (O)
  Director,Medico-Legal                   551253 (R)
  Institute,Govt. of M.P.
  Home Deptt.,Gandhi Medical

21.Dr.P.S.Darbari                  Phone: 540768
  Prof.& Head,Deptt. of                   541227
  Pathology,Gandhi Medical

22.Dr.G.R.Dhir                      Phone: 73757
  Chief Medical & Health                   74625
  Officer,(Gas Relief)
  Satguru Complex, Barasia

23.   Dr.Navin Chandra                  
  Prof.& Head,                       
  Analytical Chemistry,
  Regional Research Laboratory,

24.Prof.N.S.Punia,                  Phone: 60756
  Deptt. of Chemistry                      61802
  Deptt.Devi Ahilya
  Khanwa Road,Indore.

25.Dr.T.A.Sheorewala,                Phone: 0731) 434095,23149,
  Prof.& head of CED                        36567(O) 
  Shri G.S.Inst. of Tech &                  63978, 60942
  Sc., 23, Park Road,

26.Dr.O.P.Joshi                      Phone: 690503

27.Dr.P.S.Dubey,                     Phone: 51226(O)
  Professor& Head,                          55569 (R)
  Deptt. of Botany
  Vikram University,

  Superintendent (Quality Control)
  Grasim Nagda,P.O.Birlagram,

29.Dr.G.S.Pandey,                      Phone: 25984 (O)
  Reader,Deptt. of Chemistry,                 533872 (R)
  Ravishankar University,Raipur.

30.   Mr.S.C.Nigam,General Manager,
  DMCCO LTD. P.O.Kumhai,

31.   Dr.B.R Sahu,
  Prof.& Head,
  CMD College


32.Dr.R. Chidambaram,                Phone: 2022543 (O)
  Chairman,                                 3631194 (R)
  Atomic Energy Commission &         Grams: ATOMERG
  Secretary                          Telex: 1182355 ATOMIN
  Department of Atomic               Fax No.022-204 8476
  Energy,Anushakti Bhavan,
  Chhatrapati Shivaji Marg,
  Bombay-400039                      Res :  3637027

33.Dr.S.S.Ramaswamy                  Phone: 022-7662656 (R)    
  Vashi,New Bombay-400703

34.Shri. V.R. Sundaram,              Phone: 2874512 (Direct)
  Managing Director                         3644150 (R)
  Loss Prevention Association               3640322 (R)           
  of India Ltd.                      Telex: 01185664
  Warden House, 4th Floor,           Grams: LOSPREVENT
  Sir Pherozeshah Mehta Road,
  Bombay -400001.

35.Shri S.K.Saxena                   Phone: 4092203
  H.O.D,                             (Through PBX)(O)
  Factory Advice Service &                  4071358 (O)
  Labour Institutes,                         
  Central Labour Institute           Grams: FACADVICE,
  Building, N.S.Mankikar Marg,              Bombay,
  Sion, Bombay-400022.                      Matunga-400019
				     Fax:   4071986

36.Shri V.K.Aundhe                    Phone: 2062149(O),
  Chairman & Managing Director               4370197/4220655(R)
  Hindustan Organic                   Telex: 011-84706 HOC-IN
  Chemicals Ltd.                      Fax: 91-22-2059533
  81, Maharishi Karve Marg,

37.Dr.M.Sriram                       Phone: 2014269/71/72
  Executive Director,                Fax  : 022-2059533
  HIndustan Organic                  Telegram: HINORCH
  Chemicals Ltd.,                              RASAYANI
  Rasayani,                                    Distt.Raigarh
  Maharashtra-2410207                Telex: 1304-202 HOCL

38.Shri Ved Prakash Patri,           Phone: 32114 (O)
  Dy.Director General, Mines                31959 (R)
  Safety, Western Zone,              Telegm: MINESSAFETY
  4, Seeminery Hills,                        Nagpur.

39.Prof.P.Khanna,                    Phone: 523893,526071 (O)
  Director                                  525222 (R)
  National Environment               Grams: NEERI, Nagpur
  Engineering Research Institute     Telex : 0715-233 NEERI
  Nehru Marg,                        Fax : 523893

40.Dr.Paul Rathnaswamy,              Phone: 336151 (O)
  Director                                  333906 (R)
  National Chemical Laboratory       Grams: CHEMISTRY
  Pune-411008                               PUNE
				     Telex : 0145-7586
				     Fax   : 0212-330233

41.Dr.A.K.Rohatgi                    Phone: 2021823 (O)
  Manager (Env.Control-Safety-       F.P    7692208/7692052
  Training) Standard Alkali,                7691246/7691147
  Chemical Division,Standard                6128158 (R)
  Industries Limited,                Cable: STANDCHEM-THANE
  Thane-Belapur Road,                Fax:  7692652 (R)
  Thane- 400 601.                          2023057 (O)
				     Telex:STAN IN 118 4240
				     Telegram: STANCHLOR

42.Prof.M.M.Sharma                   Phone: 476361/484306
  Department of
  Chemical Technology,
  Bombay University,
  Matunga, Bombay-400019.

43.Dr.K.V.Venkatesh                  Phone: 7692461/692471
  Corporate Manager,                 Cable: PETRONOCIL
  Health, Safety & Environment              THANE
  NOCIL, Thane Belapur               Telex: 01132465-NCL-IN
  Road Thane,
  Mafatlal Centre,Nariman Point,

44.Dr.E.P.Bharucha                   Phone: 2863343/223(O)
  Chief,Department of                       4951260 (R)
  Neuroepidemiology,                 Telex; 1185025
  Medical Research Centre,
  15th Floor,
  Bombay Hospital,
  12, Marine Lines,

45.Dr.M.G. Deo                       Phone: 4123803 (O)
  Research Director                         8228072 (R)
  Cancer Research Institute,
  Parel, Bombay-400012.

46.Dr.N.C.Bharucha                   Phone: 2863343/Ext.345(O)
  C-102, Medical Research                   292102 (O)
  Centre, Hospital,                         2041779 (R)
  New Marine Lines,                         
  Bombay-400020.                     Telex: 1185025.

47.Dr.S.S.Bhutada,                   Phone: 472109
  Chairman,                                 478575
  Dr.Ramazini Research                      341293 (R)
  Institute of Occupational
  Health Services,
  577, Shukrawar Peth, 

48.Shri  O.P. Malhotra               Phone: 2048043, 2047649
  Indian Chemicals                   Telex: 011-84649 PIL IN
  Manufacturers Association,         Grams: KEM BOM
  Bombay Regional Office,            Fax  : 2020691
  Sir Vithaldas Chambers,
  16, Bombay Samachar Marg,

49.Shri P.K.Ghosh,                     Phone:5513447(O)
  Director,                                  5562343(O) 
  Industrial Safety Division    
  Vikram Sarabhai Bhavan,
  4th Floor,North Wing,
  Anusakti Nagar,
  Bombay- 400094.
  Fax No.(022) 5562344  


50.Prof.H.S.Ray                      Phone: 481126 (O)
  Director,                                 481456 (R)
  Regional Research Laboratory,      Grams: RESEARCH
  Bhubaneshwar-751013                Telex: 0675-6275 
				     Fax No.:481635     

51.Shri M.N.Satpathy,                Phone: 403124 (O)
  Joint Director,Geology                    481620 (R)
  Department of Mining & Geology,    Grams: DIR MINES
  Govt. of Orissa,

52.Shri N.C.Das                      Phone: 52293/55417 (O)
  Plot NO.455, Nageswar Tanki               53991 (R)
  Lewis Road, Bhubaneshwar.

53.Prof.S. Acharya                   Phone: 2520/Ext.583 (O)
  Head, Deptt. of Geology,
  Utkal University, Vani Vihar,

54.Dr.K.Satyanarayana,               Phone: 440391(O)
  Director                                  440401(R)
  Regional Medical Research Centre   Grams: MFDICAR
  P.O. Chandrasekharpur,             Fax  : 440974


55.Shri J.S.Maini,                   Phone: 540722 (O)
  Secretary, Science &                      45838  (R)
  Technology, Govt. of Punjab,

56.Prof.B.N.S.Walia                  Phone: 541062
  Director,                                 540475

57.Dr.Y.S.Bhatia                     Phone: 541875
  Department of Chemical Engg.
  Punjab University,

58.Dr.B.D.Gupta                      Phone: 541031/039
  Deptt. of Radiotherapy,                   545500 (R)

59.Dr.J.V.Singh                      Phone: 22786
  Controller of Explosives,                 534788
  SCO 1134-45, Sector 22-B

60.Shri S.Sindhwani,                 Phone: 01887-20543
  General Manager                           01887-20597 (R)
  National Fertilisers Ltd.,
  Nangal Unit, Naya Nangal-140126
  Fax No.20541

Tamil Nadu

61.Dr.K.V.Raghavan,                  Phone: 412150,410897
  Director                                  412610
  Central Leather Research                  411822 (R)
  Institute, Adyar,                  Grams: LESEARCH,
  Madras-600020                             Madras
				     Telex: 041-21014 CLRI-IN
				     Fax:   44-411589

62.Dr.K.R.Ranganathan,Director,      Phone: 044-2351723 (O)    
  Centre for Environment Studies,           Ext 3192
  College of Engg, Anna University,  Fax: 044-2350397
  Guindy Campus, Madras - 600 025.

63.Dr.V.K.Vijayan                    Phone: 8265425/8265427(O)
  Deputy Director                           423234/427624(R)
  Cardo-Pulmonary                    Grams: CHEMOCURE,
  Medicine Unit,                            Madras
  Tuberculosis Research Centre       Telex: 041-7434-TRC-IN
  ICMR, Chetput                      Fax: 91-(44)-862137

64.Dr.K. Narayanan                   Phone: (044)4990773/
  Director                                   4990425
				     Gram: MICROCONEL
  275-C, TTK Road,                   Fax: (044) 45-0773

65.Prof.S.K.Rangarajan,              Phone: 2064,2088 (O)
  Director,                                 2156 (R)
  Central Electrochemical            STD Code : 04565     
  Research Institute                 Telex: 0443211 ECRI-IN
  Karaikudi-623006                   Gram: CECRI
  Tamil Nadu.                             

66.Prof. T.V.Subramanian             Phone: 2351323
  Professor of Chemical                     418344 (R)
  School of Biotechnology,           Fax: 91-44-415856
  Deptt. of Chemical Engineering,
  A.C. College of Technology,
  Anna University,

67.Shri R.Sethuraman                 Phone: 8269464 (R)
  B-3, Adhishri,                            
  32/33, Kothari Road                       
  Madras-600 034                         
Uttar Pradesh

68.Dr.T.S.R.Prasada Rao              Phone: 24508 (O)
  Director,                                 24967 (R)
  Indian Institute of Petroleum      Gram: PETRIINST
  P.O.IIP, Mohakampur                      Dehradun
  Dehradun-248005                    Telex: 585-217,IIP IN

69.Dr.R.C.Srimal,                    Phone: 241856(O)
  Director,                                 267469(R)   
  Industrial Toxicology Research     STD Code: 0522
  Centre,  M.G. Marg                 Telex  No.0535-456 ITRC-IN
  P.O. Box No.80                     Grams: INTOXI
  Lucknow-226001.                    Fax: 0522-248227

70.Prof.S.S.Agarwal                  Phone: 55253 (O)
  Head                               72505,71387 (R)
  Genetics & Immunology,
  Sanjay Gandhi P.G.                 Gram: AYURVIGYAN
  Institute of Medical Sciences,

71.Dr.M.S.Sastry,                    Phone: 75291,70961 (O)
  Principal Scientist
  CADRAD,                            Grams: VETEX,BEREILLY
  Indian Veterinary                  Telex: 577-205 IVRI-IN
  Research Institute
  Izat Nagar (U.P)-243122

72.Dr.N.N. Panday                    Phone: 74078 (O)
  Scientist 'SG'
  Division of Expt. Med & Surgery,
  Indian Veterinary
  Reserach Institute,
  Izat Nagar (U.P.)-243122.

73.Dr.K.N.Agarwal                    Phone: 54412, 54308
  Sanjay Gandhi P.G.
  Institute of Medical Sciences,
  P.O. Box No.375,
  Rai Barelli Road,

  Prof.Deptt. of Zoology,
  Banaras Hindu University,

West Bengal

75.Prof. B.N.Ghosh                   Phone: 396054 (O)
  All India Institute of                    755002 (R)
  Hygiene & Public Health            Gram: HEALTHINST
  110, Chittarajan Avenue,                 CALCUTTA

76.Dr.Geeta Talukdar                 Phone: 4753636(O)
  Head, Vivekananda Institute               4408028 (R)
  of Medical Sciences and R.K.M.
  Seva Pratisthan,
  99, Sarat Bose Road,

77.Mr.M.K.Ghosh,                     Phone: 033-297460(O)
  Corporate Safety & Occupational           033-2487256(R)
  Health Manager
  ICI India Limited                  Fax: 033-2496330
  34, Chowringhee,
  Calcutta 700071.

78.Shri Hardayal Singh               Phone: 2149,2485 (O)
  Director                                  2712 (R)
  Central Mechanical                 Telex: 0205-213 CSIR-IN
  Research Institute (CMERI),        Gram: MECHSEARCH
  Mahatma Gandhi Avenue                    DURGAPUR

79.Mr.P.J.Nag                       Phone: 033-297460(O)
  Corporate Environment Manager            033-4791535(R)
  ICI India Ltd.                    Fax:   033-2496330
  34 Chowringhee,
Union Territory of Delhi

80.Dr.K.P.Nyati                      Phone: 4645228 (O)        
  Head of Division (Env. Management)        5551901 (R)
  Confederation of Indian Industry   Telex: 031-66655
  India Institute Centre
  Lodi Road,New Delhi-110003         Grams: BUILD POWER
				     Fax: 4633168

81.Dr.D.K.Biswas                     Phone: 2217213 (O)
  Chairman                           Grams:  CLEEN-VIRON
  Central Pollution Control          Telex: PCON 66440.
  Board, CBD-Cum-Office Complex,            6463991 (R)
  Parivesh Bhavan, East Arjun Nagar,

82.Dr.R.S. Rajagopalan,              Phone: 3315428
  Director (Chemicals),              Grams: MANAKSANSTHA
  Bureau of Indian Standards                New Delhi.
  New Delhi-110002.                  Fax: 9111-3314062

83.Dr.J.M.Dave,                      Phone: 6893952 (R)
  Vasant Kunj,
  New Delhi-110070.

84.Shri A.K.Banerjee,                Phone: 3317031
  Director (Project)
  Engineers India Ltd.                      
  PTI Building, 4thFloor             Telex: 031-62820
  Sansad Marg                        Fax: 91-11-6872693
  New Delhi-110001.

85.Dr.S.Varadarajan                  Phone: 691499,691255 (O)
  Chairman                                  3713137,3712512(R)
  Indian Vaccine Corp.Ltd.
  M/o Science & Technology,
  Ring Road, Kilokeri,
  Opp. Maharani Bagh,                 Gram: KILOKRI
  New Delhi-110014.

86.Dr.(Mrs) G.V.Satyavati             Phone: 6517204 (O)
  Sr.Deputy Director General                
  Indian Council of Medical                          
  Research, Ansari Nagar              Grams: SCIENTIFIC
  New Delhi-110029.                   Telex : 031-63061

87.Dr.C.R.Ramachandran,               B-33,Type D     
  Sr. Dy. Director General (NCD),     Flats,Pandara   
  Indian Council of Medical           Road,
  Research, Ansari Nagar,             New Delhi-110003
  New Delhi                           Phone: 3386448
  Phone: 667136,652794,              
  Fax No : 6868662.

88.Dr.Prem Prakash Ahluwalia,         Phone: 660110/664095(O)
  Chief & Prof. of Ophthalmology,            654969 (R) (ch)  
  Dr.R.P.Centre for                  
  Ophthalmic Sciences,
  All India Institute of 
  Medical Sciences, Ansari Nagar,
  New Delhi-110029.
  Fax No.91-011-6852919

89.Dr.R.S.Paroda                      Phone: 3382629 (O)
  Director General                           6492451 (R)
  Indian Council of Agriculture
  Research, Krishi Bhavan
  New Delhi-110001.

90.Dr.M.Bhargava                      Phone:   661123/219(O)
  Prof.& Head                                  663055 (R)
  Deptt.  of Haematology                       6865812 (R)
  All India Institute of
  Medical Sciences,
  Ansari Nagar, New Delhi-110029

91.Dr.B.N.Tandon                      Phone: 608166/604923(O)
  Chairman                                   850538(Noida) (R)
  Central Technical Committee         Grams: MEDINST
  (Integrated Chief Development       Fax NO.91-11-6441711
  Services), Deptt. of Women &
  Child Development                   Telex: 31-73142
  Ministry of Human Resource
  West Block No.1,Wing 3
  2nd Floor, Post Bag No.16,
  R.K.Puram,New Delhi -110066.

92.Dr.Nargis F.Jaffery                Phone: 660110/361 (O)
  Dr.R.P.Centre for Ophthalmic
  Sciences, AIIMS,
  Ansari Nagar,
  New Delhi-1100029.

93.Dr.B.N.Saxena                      Phone: 6856713 (O)
  Sr.Dy.Director General                     6883148 (R)
  Division of Human Resource          Fax No.: 91 11 6868662
  Development Research,
  Indian Council of Medical Research,
  Ansari Nagar,
  New Delhi-110029

94.Dr.S.Sriramachari                  Phone:6868402-409,310
  INSA Senior Scientist                     
  C/o Institute of Pathology ICMR,          6444943 (R)
  Safdarjang Hospital Campus,
  P.O. Box NO.4909,
  New Delhi-110029.

95.Dr.J.S.Guleria                     Phone: 661845,6867279(O)
  Consultant in Medicine                     661049 (R)
  Sitaram Bhartia Institute of
  Science and Research,
  B-16,Meherauli Institutional Area,
  New Delhi-110016.

96.Dr.A.N.Malviya                     Phone: 661123 (O)
  Deptt. of Medicine                         668715 (O)
  All India Institute of
  Medical Sciences, Ansari Nagar

97.Dr.S.C.Jain                        Phone: 397516 (O)
  Asstt.Director General                     6413769 (R)
  (Animal Sciences).
  Indian Council of Agricultural
  Research, Krishi Bhavan,
  New Delhi-110001.

98.Dr.S.Chattopadhya                  Phone: 3318950,3318880(O)
  Asstt.Director                             331889 (O)
  Institute of Cytology (ICMR)               6430634 (R)
  Maulana Azad Medical College Campus,
  Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg,
  New Delhi-110002.

99.Dr.A.K.Lahiri                      Phone: 661405
  Munirka,New Delhi-110067.

100.Prof.V.K.Dada                     Phone: 660110/392/669461(O)
  Dr.Rajendra Prasad Centre                  66342 (R)
  for Ophthalmic Sciences,
  AIIMS, Ansari Nagar,
  New Delhi-1100029.

101.Dr.R.S.Hamsagar,                  Phone: 6898107 (R)     
  9202, DDA Flats,
  Vasant Kunj,
  New Delhi-110037.

102.Shri. S.P.Rastogi,                Phone: 4362359 (O)
  Senior Technical Director,
  Bibiliographic Information Systems,
  National Informatics Centre,
  CGO Complex, Lodi Road,
  New Delhi - 110 003.

103.Shri. C.S. Rao,                   Phone: 4621207 (O)
  Joint Secretary (Insurance),        Fax  : 4629439
  Ministry of Finance,
  Room No.301, Lok Nayak Bhawan,
  Khan Market, New Delhi - 110 003.

104.Shri. Y.P. Chopra,                Phone: 2833191 (O)
  Manager,                            Fax  : 2822337
  General Insurance Corpn of India,          2874129
  'Suraksha', 5th Floow,
  170, J Tata Road, Churchgate,
  Bombay - 400 020.


Names, Addresses & Telephone Numbers of Expert And Organisations Dealing with Oil Slicks
				      Telephone Numbers
				     Office    Residence

Ministry of Defence

1.   Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam,              3011519   6493708
  Scientific Advisor to 
  Raksha Mantri.

2.   Vice Admiral R.N. Ganesh, AVSM, NM 3382546   3017881
  Director General,                     3387237
  Indian Coast Guards,           Fax :  3385185
  National Stadium Complex,
  New Delhi.            

3.    Ins.Gen. N.S. Achreja,            3387361   8536654
  Deputy Director General,
  Indian Coast Guards,
  National Stadium Complex,
  New Delhi.

4.    DIG P. Paleri,                    3387237    
  Director Operations,
  Indian Coast Guards,
  National Stadium Complex,
  New Delhi.

Department of Space
1.    Shri. U.R. Rao,                   080-334241
  Secretary, Department of              080-572550 
  Space, Antariksh Bhavan,
  New BEL Road,                      
  III Floor, Lok Nayak Bhavan,
  New Delhi-110003.

2.    Dr.B.L.Dikshitalu,                0842-262572
  National Remote Sensing Agency,

Department of Science & Technology

1.    Dr.V.S.Ramamurthy,                6510068   6873593
  Secretary, Deptt. of Science          6511439
  & Technology, Technology
  Bhavan, New Mehrauli Road,
  New Delhi.

2.    Dr.N.Sen Roy,                     4611842   4619025
  Director General,                  
  Indian Meteorological 
  Department, Mausam Bhawan,
  Lodi Road, 
  New Delhi-110003.
  Fax No.4699216

3.    Dr. R.R. Kelkar,                  4611792    4616059
  Additional Director General,
  Indian Meteorological Department,
  Lodi Road, New Delhi-110003.

Department of Biotechnology

1.    Mrs. Manju Sharma,                4362950   4674587
  Block NO.2,7th Floor,
  CGO Complex,
  Lodi Road,
  New Delhi-110003

2.   Shri Sujit Banerjee,               4362982   6871854
  Joint Secretary,
  Department of Biotechnology,
  Block No.2, CGO Complex,
  Lodi Road, New Delhi-110003.
  Fax No.4362884          

Ministry of Surface Transport

1.   Shri A.K. Rastogi,                 3710189    4675765
  Joint Secretary,                                     
  Ministry of Surface Transport,
  Transport Bhavan, New Delhi
  Telex 31-61157
  Fax No.3714324

Department of Ocean Development

1.    Dr.A.E. Muthunaikam,              4360874        387624
  Department of Ocean Development
  Block No.12, Lodi Road,
  Mahasagar Bhavan, New Delhi-110003.
  Telex NO.316984/316135   
  Fax NO.0091- 4360779

2.    Shri A.K. Chugh,                  4362101       3387036
  Joint Secretary,
  Fax No.4360336

3.    Dr.B.R.Subramanian,               4361510        4362662

Council for Scientific & Industrial Research

1.    Dr.R.A. Mashelkar,                3710472        4618851
  Director General,                     3717053
  Council of Scientific &
  Industrial Research,
  Anusandhan Bhawan,
  Rafi Marg, New Delhi-110001.
  Grams: Consearch, N.Delhi
  Telex 312522 CSIR IN

2.     Shri S.D.Garg,                   3716372        3311728
  Anusandhan Bhavan,
  Rafi Marg,
  New Delhi.  

3.    Dr.E.Desa                         0832 - 4612       4909
  Director, National
  Institute of 
  Dona Paula,
  Fax No.91-(0832)-43340
	 91- 0832 -53360(BTIS)

Ministry of Petroleum

1.   Shri Ardhendu Sen,                 3381029 (O)  4677297 (R)
  Ministry of Petroleum,
  Shastri Bhavan,
  New Delhi - 110 001.

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd

1.   Chairman-cum-M.D.,    0135        624203     623679
  ONGC, Tel Bhavan,
  Dheradun, U.P.
  Telex: 585-206/207
  Fax (0135) 625298/625211
  Delhi Address:
  Jeevan  Bharati  Tower  II,         3323402   6449841
  124, Connaught Circus,
  New Delhi-110001
  Fax No.3316413

2.   Director(Technical) 0135         623368    624117
  ONGC, Tel Bhavan,
  Dheradun, U.P.
  Telex: 585-206/207
  Fax (0135) 625298/625211

3.    Shri. D.R. Nainwal,    0135     626403
  Dy. General Manager (CHEM)
  Safety and Environment Management,
  ONGC, Tel Bhawan,
  Dehradun (UP).
  Telex: 0585-206/207
  Fax: 91-0135-625298/625211

4.    Dr. J.S. Sharma,       0135     626403          
  Dy. Suptd. Chemist,
  Safety and Environment 
  Tel Bhawan, Dehradun

5.    Shri J.S. Srivastava    022     6429983   6429901
  Arcadia, Nariman Point,
  Telex : 011-86055
  Fax: 2872324


1.   Dr.S.Varadarajan,                3712512
  Chairman,                           3713137
  4-A, Gidhar Apartments,
  28, Ferozeshah Road, New Delhi.

Indian Council of Medical Research

1.    Dr.(Mrs) G.V.Satyavati,        Phone: 6517204(O)
  Senior Deputy Director General,           
  Indian Council of Medical 
  Research, Ansari Nagar             Grams: SCIENTIFIC
  New Delhi-110029.                  Telex : 031-63061

2.  Dr.C.R.Ramachandran,             B-33,Type D     
  Sr. Dy. Director General (NCD),    Flats,Pandara   
  Indian Council of Medical          Road,
  Research, Ansari Nagar,            New Delhi-110003
  New Delhi                          Phone: 3386448
  Phone: 667136,652794,              
  Fax No : 6868662.

Central Pollution Control Board

   Shri D.K.Biswas, Chairman         2204948        6463991
   Central Pollution Control Board,
   Parivesh Bhavan, CBD-cum-
   Office Complex, East Arjun Nagar


	  Names, Addresses And Telephone Numbers
	 of Resident Commissioners of All States

Andhra Pradesh

Shri R.P. Aggarwal,                    3387089  3384306
Resident Commissioner,
Government of A.P.,
Andhra Pradesh Bhawan,
1, Ashok Road,
New Delhi.

Arunachal Pradesh

Shri Y.D. Venkata,                      3013915   683596
Resident Commissioner,                  3019772
Government of Arunachal Pradesh,
Kautlya Marg,
Chanakya Puri,
New Delhi.


Shri A.P.Singh,                         3016444   6881295
Resident Commissioner,                  3017111
Government of Assam,
Assam Bhavan,
Sardar Patel Marg,
Chanakya Puri,
New Delhi.


Shri K. Roy Paul,                       3014945    6888508
Resident Commissioner,
5, Kautilya Lane,
Bihar Bhavan,
Chanakya Puri,
New Delhi-110021.


Shri B.B.Saxena,                        4629967    3235417
Resident Commissioner,                  4629968
Government of Goa,                      4611573
Goa Bhawan,                             4619784          
18/1,Amrita Sher Gill Marg,             4629964
New Delhi.


Shri Christy Fernandez,                 3343147   4620451
Resident Commissioner,                 
Government of Gujarat,
State Emporium Building,
Baba Kharak Singh Marg,
New Delhi.


Shri H.S. Anand,                        3385134    3384354
Financial Resident Commissioner,       
Government of Haryana,
Haryana Bhavan,
Copernicus Marg,
New Delhi.

Himachal Pradesh

Smt. Sarita Prasad,                     3716574   4694349 
Resident Commissioner,                  3716124   
Government of H.P.,
27, Sikandra Road,
New Delhi-110001.

J & K 

Shri S.B.Mathur,                        4611108    4698945
Resident Commissioner,                  4615475
Government of J&K,
J&K House,
Prithvi Raj Road,
New Delhi.


Shri A.K. Pujari,                       6889814    
Resident Commissioner,
Government of Karnataka,
Karnataka Bhavan,
10, Kautilya Marg,
New Delhi.


Shri R.P. Singh,                        3328581   862446
Resident Commissioner,                  3321246
Government of Kerala,
Kerala Bhavan,
3, Jantar Mantar Road,
New Delhi.

Madhya Pradesh

Shri Nirmal Andrews,                     343619    6877105
Resident Commissioner,                   345742
Government of Madhya Pradesh,
2, Bara Dhuli Marg,
Chanakya Puri,
New Delhi.


Shri B.S. Meena,                         3388075    6189829
Resident Commissioner,
Government of Maharashtra,
Maharashtra Sadan,
Copernicus Marg,
New Delhi-110001.


Shri R.R. Rishmi,                       3013009   
Resident Commissioner,                  3013150
Government of Manipur,
Manipur House,
2, Sardar Patel Marg,
Chanakya Puri,
New Delhi-110021.


Shri C.N.S. Nair,                       3015503   6875889
Resident Commissioner,                  3015605
Government of Meghalaya,
Meghalaya Bhavan,
9, Aurangzeb Road,
New Delhi.


Shri T.P.Khaund,                        3016408   6440954
Resident Commissioner,
Government of Mizoram,
Mizoram House,
Circular Road,
Chanakya Puri,
New Delhi.


Shri A.M. Gokhale,                      3012296   3792991
Resident Commissioner,
Government of Nagaland,
Nagaland Bhawan,
29, Aurangzeb Road,
New Delhi.


Shri P.K. Hota,                         3019771   4619673
Resident Commissioner,                  3018498   
Government of Orissa,
Orissa Bhavan,
1, Niti Marg,
Chanakya Puri,
New Delhi-110021.


Shri Nathu Rama,                        3018195   2151166
Resident Commissioner,          (Direct)3011703   
Govt. of Pondicherry,
Pondicherry Bhavan,
3,Sarder Patel Marg,
Chanakya Puri,
New Delhi-110021.


Shri N.R.Bhasin,                        3782513   3235989
Resident Commissioner,
Government of Rajasthan,
Bikaner House,
Shahjahan Road,
New Delhi-110001.


Shri Rajesh Aggarwal,                   3010747   4672743
Resident Commissioner,                  3013026   
Government of Sikkim,
Sikkim House,
Chanakya Puri,
New Delhi-110021.

Tamil Nadu

Shri Pawan Raina,                       3011087   3883749.
Resident Commissioner,
Government of Tamil Nadu,
Tamil Nadu House,
6, Kautilya Marg,
Chanakya Puri,
New Delhi-1100021.


Shri Om Prakash,                        3012693   6872081
Dy.Resident Commissioner,                     
Government of Tripura,                        
Tripura House,
Kautilya Marg,
Chankya Puri,
New Delhi-110021.

Uttar Pradesh

Shri Sushil Chand Tripathy,             3313338    3014263
Resident Commissioner,                  3310408
Government of Uttar Pradesh,
27, Barakhamba Road,
New Delhi-110001.

West Bengal

Shri J.V.R. Prasada Rao,                3747203   6889090
Resident Commissioner,
Govt. of West Bengal,
4-2, State Emporia Building,
Baba Kharak Singh Marg,
New Delhi-110001.


Names, Addresses and Telephone Numbers of International Organisations engaged in Disaster Management Activities.
Name and Address              Telephone           Telefax

1.   Mr.Dusan  Zupka,          (41-22)788-3482  (41-22) 733-8695/
Department of Humanitarian            917-0023
Affairs, UNDHA Geneva          (41-22)917-1234   
Palais des Nations
CH 1211 GENEVA 10
Telex 414242 DHA CH
In case of Emergency : Phone: 41-22-917-2010    

2.   Mr.Jim Makris,             (202) 260-8600   (202)260-7906
Chemical Emergency Preparedness and
Prevention Programmes,
401M Street, SW,
Washington DC 20460

3.   Mr.Allen R.Wells,,        (519) 366-3656
Administrator,Emergency Centre,
Community Awareness Emergency Response
Suit 106F, 265 N.Front St.
Sarnia, Ontario M7T 7X1

4.   Mr.Louis Jourdan,          (32-2) 676 72 11 (32-2) 676 73 00
Senior Director,
Technical Affairs,
European Chemical Industry
Counicl (CEFIC),
AV.E., Van Nieuwehuyse 4 bte.1
B-1160 Bruseels,

5.   Dr.Rob Visser,            (33-1)45 24 97 76 (33-1) 45 24 78 76 
Principal Administrator
Chemicals Division,
2, rue Andre'-Pascal
75775 Paris Cedex 16,

6.   Mr.M.I.Van der Hooft,     (31-83) 66 28 64   (31-85) 66 50 60
Safety Officer,
Department ASE,
P.O. Box 9300,
NL-6800 SB Aruhem,
The Netherlands

7.   Mr.Don S.Carloss,           409 8453088      409.8479304  
International Training
Industrial Sector,
Texas Engineering Extension
The Texas A&M University System
Collage Station,
Texas 77843 -8000



Central Crisis Group-Alert System (Redbook) is due for revision owing to many changes which are taken place since the last publication almost a year back. Updated version has been placed as draft. It is proposed that the size of the book will remain as it is but the binding would be in spiral form and colour tabs will be incorporated to indicate each Annexure for the purpose of using it conveniently. We may print 2000 copies of the Redbook.

Submitted for the approval of the draft please.
Additional Director.

Director (HSMD)

As desired, the undersigned personally conducted all the members of Central Crisis Group over telephone and updated the addresses and telephone numbers of the members. In addition to this, name of the Delhi based experts and organisations, telephone numbers etc. have also been checked. Regarding names, addresses and telephone numbers of other members and organisations outside Delhi are given as per information received from them through communication. The file containing all these correspondences is also linked up.


( M.Sengupta )
Additional Director.
2. 1.1995

Director (HSMD)


Subject : Draft Redbook.

Central Crisis Group-Alert System (Redbook) is due for revision owing to many changes which are taken place since the last publication almost a year back. Updated version has been placed as draft. You are requested to kindly go through the draft and suggest changes, if any. The same may kindly returned to the undersigned positively by 27.9.95.


Dr. R.R. Khan.
Dr. Indrani Chandrasekaran.
Additional Director.

Advisor (B).

Central Crisis Group - Alert System (Redbook) is due for revision owing to many changes which have taken place since the last publication almost more than a year back. Updated version has been placed as draft (F/A). Suggestions from the Scientists of this Division have also been incorporated. Approval of Secretary (E&F) may be sought for publishing the current edition of the Redbook.

If approved, we may print 2000 copies of the Redbook. Submitted.



As desired, the undersigned has checked the document again and incorporated the corrections as indicated on margin (i.e. Sr.No.1 and 39 in Annexure XV) by AS(B). Some more corrections were also made based on telephonic contacts with various States. Telephone number (R) of JS(VS) has also been included.

Submitted for approval for printing of the "Red Book", please.


The Red-Book for Central Crisis Group Alert System is due for revision owing to many changes which have taken place since the last publication about two years back. It is therefore necessary that publication is revised and copies distributed to concerned Members and Departments without further delay. In the year 1993 we had printed 2000 copies of the Red-Book and the same number of copies are required for the year 1995.

You are aware that, earlier we have tried to publish our documents on "Transportation Guideline" and "For Your Safety" through Government Press. But they expressed their inability in quality and time target for printing of these documents. As the Red Book is a very important document for Crisis Management, its delay in printing will cause the change in addresses of the Experts and Government Officers and therefore the purpose of the book would be defeated. In view of this, we may print the Red Book from the private printer as we did earlier. In this context, the undersigned discussed with M/s. Vijay Stationery Mart, who did the same job in 1992 at the rate of Rs.19.10 + Sales tax as admissible and they agreed now to do this work on 1992 rates. If approved, we may invite the same printers directly without calling fresh quotations for the above job. It is therefore requested that IFD may kindly conquer for printing of 2000 copies of the Red Book for an amount of Rs.38,200/= + sales tax admissible under rules.

Submitted for concurrence please.


This refers to the printing of the Redbook from the private agency. The file was put up to the IFD for their concurrence for printing it from a private printer namely M/s. Vijay Stationery Mart, New Delhi who has agreed to print the Redbook at 1992 rate (Ref. page 18/ante). IFD has opined that the 'No objection Certificate' (Ref. page 19/ante) from the Government printing press is required before approaching to any private agency. Earlier we approached to Government press for printing other two documents namely "Transportation Guideline" and "For your safety" but they expressed their inability in maintaining the quality and time target for printing those documents. As we need to print this document in a quickest possible time, we may get it done through private agency.

Submitted for Secy(E&F)'s approval for printing 2000 copies of the Red Book from private agency.


Ref. Secy(E&F)'s note on margin.

In the present case, we have not taken permission from the Government Press for printing the Redbook from private agency. Under similar circumstances, IFD has permitted for printing other two documents namely a) A Guide to Safe Road Transport of Hazardous Substances and b) For Your Safety, subject to the approval of the Secy(E&F) (F/A & F/B). As the Redbook is a vital document for crisis management, its delay in printing will cause change in addresses and telephone numbers of the Experts/Members/Govt.Officlas of various organisations and therefore, its printing should be done without further delay. Submitted for the concurrence of IFD please.


This refers to the printing of Red Book from Government of India Press. We sent a letter to Director (Printing) on 1.2.96 for printing the Red Book urgently. Time frame given was 15 days. We have received the response from Directorate of Printing (F/X) that 2 months time is required for printing this Red Book after allotment of the job to the press. If we have to get it done quickly, we need to supply camera-ready manuscripts to the Press. Neither we have the facilities to prepare camera- ready manuscripts, nor we can afford 2 months time for printing the Red Book. As such, the matter of printing the Red Book through private agency as suggested on page 18/ante may be reconsidered.

Submitted for concurrence, please.




Secretary (E&F) has approved procurement of computers as per the specifications enclosed for setting up of the Crisis Alert System. One computer alongwith a laser printer is being made available by the Joint Secretary (HSMD) to all the officers of the Division. The computers are likely to be made operational from 16.1.97. The officers may like to indicate a date and time for installation and training according to their schedule. After a LAN system is installed, it is proposed to hold a general training for accessing information from the control room by the officers of this Division. A date and time for this could also be indicated/suggested.

All officers of HSMD