Items of Work Handled

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IFS-I Section

  • For AGMUT Cadre: cadre review, appointment by promotion of SFS officers into IFS, confirmation of RR and SFS Officers on appointment by promotion, fixation of pay of officers on Central Deputation etc.
  • Establishment matters of IFS Officers
    • Inter-cadre transfers 
    • Inter-cadre deputations
    • Extension of deputation tenure
    • Recruitment of IFS Officers on Central Deputation under CSS of MoEF
    • Drawing of panel for forwarding to DOPT of Central Deputation under CSS of DoPT
    • Deputation of IFS Officers (outside the cadre) in Central Government, Foreign Bodies, Corporations etc.
    • EL sanction of IFS officers of MoEF including Regional Offices & Subordinate Offices of MoEF
    • Provident Fund withdrawals of IFS officers on Central Deputation
    • Payment of dues under CGEGIS on retirement
    • Cadre Clearance for various trainings/workshops/seminars aboard
    • Memorials relating to adverse entries in the ACRs, communication of adverse remarks in ACRs of IFS Officers on Central Deputation & on deputation to autonomous organizations of Govt. of India.
    • Settlement of post-retirement benefits
    • Study leave within India to officers on Central Deputation
    • Study leave abroad to the officers belonging to any State Cadre
    • Issue of amendment to the Study Leave Regulations
  • Commercial employment of retired IFS Officers
  • Review of cases under Rules 16(3) AIS (Death cum Retirement Benefits) DCRB Rules for compulsory retirement on attaining the age of 50 yrs/30yrs of qualifying service
  • Associations like IFS Association, IFS Registered Association and SFS Officers Association
  • CAT cases regarding:
    • Settlement of post-retirement benefits of IFS pensioners
    • Adverse remarks/memorials/super cession in promotions of AGMUT Cadre officers
    • Settlement of dues under CGE Insurance Scheme of IFS Pensioners

IFS-II Section

  • Appointment of IFS Officers through UPSC, reporting of vacancies, finalization of rules 
  • Cadre Allocation to IFS Probationers
  • Following for all Cadres except AGMUT
    • Cadre review 
    • Temporary  addition to the Cadre 
    • Appointment by promotions of SFS officers into IFS & their seniority determination i.e. Year of Allotment 
    • Coordinating the Selection Committee meetings held by UPSC,  conveying the comments of the MoEF on the Minutes prepared by the Selection Committee
    • Fixation of pay of officers of the State Govts. (excluding those on Central Deputation) referred to Govt. of India
  • Publication of the IFS Civil List
  • All miscellaneous matters related to IFS Officers e.g. change of name, birthplace etc.
  • Court Cases connected with matters handled by the IFS-II section
  • Handling of all Parliamentary matters related to IFS
  • Handling of Disciplinary cases of IFS 
  • Framing of rules and general policy for commercial employment of retired IFS Officers 
  • Processing of amendments to IFS Rules & Regulations

  • All other Cadre Management and policy matters related to IFS