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 In accordance with the decision of Govt. of India that each major scientific department with substantial annual civil works budget should have a Civil Engineering Unit of its own, a separate Civil Construction Unit was set up in the Ministry of Environment & Forests in March, 1987 under the charge of a Chief Engineer. The Civil Construction Unit was created with a view to expeditious implementation of work connected with plan schemes. The unit is a separate entity under the administrative control of the Ministry of Environment and Forests.


     (i)  Planning of works including preparation of estimates in house and vetting of estimate prepared by other PWOs.

     (ii) To construct major works in house or get these constructed through other PWOs.

     (iii) Maintenance of National Zoological Park.  


  • The unit is headed by a Chief Engineer stationed at Delhi who has a Superintending Engineer under him. The Superintending Engineer with its HQ at Delhi is looking after the execution works all over the country and also responsible for planning of works including some administrative matters.

  • An Executive Engineer (Elect.), designated as EO to CE, is also under the Chief Engineer who is handling administrative matter of CCU besides planning works related to Electrical & Mechanical works.

  • One finance officer (FO to CE) under Chief Engineer responsible for budget and other finance matters.

  • The Superintending Engineer has three field Executive Engineers (Civil) and two planning Executive Engineers (Civil) under him.

  • The two field Executive Engineers with their HQ at Delhi one each responsible for construction works in North zone and one for Delhi and Central Zone. Third Executive Engineer stationed at Bangalore is responsible for construction works in South zone. The works in East and West zones are being executed by CPWD.

  • Two planning Executive Engineers are responsible for planning works all over the country.

  • Aforementioned Executive Engineer from Elect. Discipline (EO to CE) is also responsible for Elect. Planning Works all over the country in addition to his duties of administration.

  • Other Supporting staff like Assistant Engineer and Junior Engineer for technical matters, section officer etc. for administrative matter & accounts officer for financial matters under Divisions.