Indian Network for Climate Change Assessment

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Climate Change and India: A 4X4 Assesment - A sectoral and regional analysis for 2030s

New Delhi, 16th November, 2010


Presentations as on 16th November, 2010
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1.  Introduction[PDF](3.11 MB)

2.  Climate Change Scenarios 2030s[PDF](1.85 MB)

3.  Coastal India[PDF](1.74 MB)

4.  Agriculture[PDF](3.02 MB)

5.  Water Resources[PDF](2.55 MB)

6.  Himalayan Ecosystem[PDF](3.95 MB)

7.  Forests[PDF](1.6 MB)

8.  Health (Malaria)[PDF](3.95 MB)

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Indian Delegation participates in the China-India Joint Workshop on Mountain Eco-systems and Climate Change


Beijing, September 29th, 2010

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National Workshop Presentations as on 11th May, 2010



  1. GHG Emissions Profile 2007 - Industry Sector - Dr. S. Majumdar[PDF](93.08 KB)
  2. Fugitive Methane Emissions from Coal Mining and Handling Activities and Oil and Natural Gas Systems in India - Ajay Kumar Singh[PDF](473.21 KB)
  3. Transport Sector - Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2007 - Dr. Anil Singh[PDF](346.29 KB)
  4. Emissions from Electricity Generation - Ashim Choudhury[PDF](66.94 KB)
  5. Use of Remote sensing techniques for land categorization - NRSC (ISRO) Contribution to INCCA - C. S. Jha and M.S.R Murthy[PDF](11.17 MB)
  6. Greenhouse Gas Inventory for Rice Cultivation, Soil, and Field Burning of Crop Residues - IARI[PDF](528.99 KB)
  7. Estimation of Methane Emission from Landfill sites at National Level - J.K. Bhattacharyya[PDF](75.47 KB)
  8. Inventorisation of Methane Emissions from Domestic & Key Industries Wastewater - Indian Network for Climate Change Assessment - Mr. M. Karthik[PDF](308.68 KB)
  9. Uncertainty reduction in methane and nitrous oxide emission from Indian livestock and inventory preparation - Madhu Mohini[PDF](15.21 MB)
  10. Second National Communication: Emissions from Residential and commercial sector - Dr. Pradeep Dadhich[PDF](728.52 KB)
  11. GHG Inventory from LULUCF Sector - Prof. N.H.Ravindranath[PDF](360.99 KB)
  12. Cement: Process and Fuel Combustion in Cement Manufacture - Dr. S.P. Ghosh[PDF](406.73 KB)
  13. Estimation of Carbon Stock in Indian Forests - Subhash Ashutosh[PDF](1.72 MB)
  14. India: Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2007 - Subodh Sharma[PDF](1.91 MB)


National Workshop Presentations as on 14th October, 2009


Climate Change and India: Towards Preparation
of a Comprehensive Climate Change Assessment
Key Note Lecture
Black Carbon and India
V Ramanathan



  1. Review of Implementation of the Work Programme towards a Comprehensive Climate Change Assessment - Subodh Sharma[PDF](946.09 KB)
  2. Impact of Climate Change on India's Monsoonal Climate - K Krishna Kumar[PDF](9.3 MB)
  3. Developing Socio-Economic Scenarios for India - Purnamita Dasgupta[PDF](1.69 MB)
  4. Vulnerability of Indian Agriculture to Climate Change-Current State of Knowledge - PK Aggarwal[PDF](1.54 MB)
  5. Climate Change Assessment of the Indian Water Resources & Framework for Adaptation through Integration of Sectors - AK Gosain[PDF](1.09 MB)
  6. Impact of Climate Change on Forest Ecosystems in India - Bala and Ravindranath[PDF](453.29 KB)
  7. Impacts vulnerability and assessment viz. Human Heatlh - Ramesh C Dhiman[PDF](2.76 MB)
  8. Climate Change Impacts on Indian Energy, Infrastructure and Industry - Amit Garg[PDF](47.22 KB)
  9. Integrated Impacts, Vulnerability Assessments & Developing Adaptation Frameworks - Sumana Bhattacharya[PDF](122.74 KB)
  10. Implications of Climate Change on vulnerable Areas - Indian Himalaya[PDF](3.12 MB)
  11. Climate Change and Forests in Western Ghats - R Sukumar[PDF](3.32 MB)
  12. Sea-level changes along the Indian coast - Impacts & Vulnerability - Unnikrishnan, Manimurali and Kumar[PDF](5.39 MB)
  13. Preparing GHG Inventory for Energy Sector An Overview - Sumana Bhattacharya[PDF](176.61 KB)
  14. GHG Inventory in LULUCF Sector - Swarnim and Ravindranath[PDF](511.02 KB)
  15. Greenhouse Gas Inventory for Indian Agriculture - H Pathak[PDF](615.66 KB)
  16. GHG Emission from Waste Sector - Prabhat Gupta[PDF](1.19 MB)