Centres of Excellence

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Centres of Excellence:


Centre for Environment Education (CEE), Ahmedabad


CEE has launched Paryavaran Mitra, one of the largest sustainability and climate change education programmes in the world on 24th July 2010. Paryavaran Mitra is a programme for students that envisions creating Paryavaran Mitra (Friends of the Environment) in schools across India.  The goal of the programme is to create a network of young people across the nation who have the knowledge, awareness and commitment to meet the challenges of global citizenship and Climate Change.  CEE also implements NGC programme in fifteen States and two UTs as resource agency. 


CPR Environmental Education Centre (CPREEC), Chennai


The objective of CPREEC is to create awareness among various stakeholders about current environmental issues and our responsibilities towards the preservation of our environment. The programmes are conducted in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Orissa, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu and the Union Territories of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Puducherry.


Centre for Animals and Environment, CARTMAN, Bengaluru


The Project on Centre of Excellence for Animals & Environment (CAE) awarded by the Ministry to CARTMAN, Bengaluru in 2000 and discontinued after two years for administrative reasons was resumed during 2009.


The main objective of the Project is to study the mutual dependence and inter-relationship between the Animals (Livestock) and Environment (Plant Life) and initiate steps to preserve environment and to improve the health and welfare of animals by making them more productive.  Another activity envisaged is to eliminate pollution of environment caused by City based Abattoirs by providing alternate locations where animals are born and reared.  This would also result in development of rural areas by retaining the Value added in the process in villages and nearby towns.