Environmental Management Plan (EMP)

Preparation of environmental management plan is required for formulation, implementation and monitoring of environmental protection measures during and after commissioning of projects.The plans should indicate the details as to how various measures have been or are proposed to be taken including cost components as may be required.Cost of measures for environmental safeguards should be treated as an integral component of the project cost and environmental aspects should be taken into account at various stages of the projects:

The management plans should be necessarily based on considerations of resource conservation and pollution abatement,some of which are:

  1. Liquid Effluents

  2. Air Pollution

  3. Solid Wastes

  4. Noise and Vibration
    Adequate measures should be taken for control of noise and vibrations in the industry.

  5. Occupational Safety and Health
    Proper precautionary measures for adopting occupational safety and health standards should be taken.

  6. Prevention,maintenance and operation of Environment Control Systems

  7. House - Keeping
    Proper house-keeping and cleanliness should be maintained both inside and outside of the industry.

  8. Human Settlements

  9. Transport Systems

  10. Recovery - reuse of waste products
    Efforts should be made to recycle or recover the waste materials to the extent possible.The treated liquid effluents can be conveniently and safely used for irrigation of lands,plants and fields for growing non-edible crops.

  11. Vegetal Cover
    Industries should plant trees and ensure vegetal cover in their premises.This is particularly advisable for those industries having more than 10 acres of land.

  12. Disaster Planning
    Proper disaster planning should be done to meet any emergency situation arising due to fire,explosion,sudden leakage of gas etc.Fire fighting equipment and other safety appliances should be kept ready for use during disaster/emergency situation including natural calamities like earthquake/flood.

  13. Environment Management Cell
    Each industry should identify within its setup a Department/Section/Cell with trained personnel to take up the model responsibility of environmental management as required for planning and implementation of the projects.