The Mahavriksha Puraskar instituted during 1993-94 recognises individuals/ organisations for having trees of the notified species on the basis of girth, height, health and vigour of the trees. A roster of notified tree species, valid for five years has been prepared.


The award can be given to :-

  1. Govt. Departments like Forest, Revenue or any other Oranisations/ Institutions, if the tree exists on Government Institutional land. In respect of Forest/Revenues Department, the competing unit shall be the Forest Division/Tehsil.
  2. Municipalities, Village Panchayats/Village Committees,if the tree exists on Municipal and/or Panchayat/Common lands,as the case may be.
  3. Individuals,in case the tree exists on private land.
  4. Botanical Gardens will not be eligible for participation.


Applications will be invited from eligible categories of organisation/individuals in the prescribed forms which can be obtained from the office of District Collector/Deputy Commissioner and Divisional Forest Officer(Territorial). The form of applications is given below.The applications in the prescribed form complete in all respects, will be submitted to the DFO who would verify the entries and submit his report to the PCCF. The PCCF would forward the applications to Ministry of Environment & Forests after proper scrutiny and certifying report of DFO.


The number of awards will depend on the number of tree species notified every year. Nominations which do not conform to the minimum standards of girth at breast height in respect of species notified will not be considered. The award will consist of a prize of Rs.25,000/- and a citation.The prize will include a plaque inscribed statistics of the prize winning specimen and it will be installed near the specimen. The award will be given away in a function organized for the purpose.

All prize winning specimen would be photographically and descriptively catalogued.The concerned Forest Department will keep a track of them in subsequent years. A Selection Committee constituted by Ministry of Environment & Forests will screen the applications and shortlist the nominations in each category. The committee will lay down the procedure for verification of the shortlisted nominations and make final selection.


The expenditure will be met out of the budget provision for 'Communication' head of the NAEB.


  1. Status:
    (Individual/Village Panchayat/Municipality
    Deptt. or Institution)
  2. Name of the tree species:
    (Out of notified list)
  3. Location of the tree:
  4. Ownership of land on
    which tree exists
    (Supporting documents
    to be attached)
  5. Particulars of the tree
  6. Field Verification by Divisional Forest Officer:
    (Signature with seal)
  7. Remarks of PCCF:

Note: A photograph of the tree should be enclosed.