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List of Scientific Officers working in Regional Offices

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Sl. No. Name Designation Educational Qualifications Place of Posting
1. Shri A. B. Harpanhalli Director (S) M.Sc. (Bio-Chemistry) Regional Office, Bangalore
2. Dr. S. K. Susarla Director (S) M.Sc. (Botany), Ph.D Regional Office, Bangalore
3. Dr. N.L.N.S. Prasad Director (S) MSc. (Zoology), Ph.D Regional Office, Bhubaneshwar
4. Dr. V. P. Upadhyay Director (S)  M.Sc. (Botany), Ph.D. Regional Office, Bhubaneshwar
5. Dr. K. K. Garg Director (S) M.Sc. (Environment Biology), Ph.D. Regional Office,
6. Dr. A. Mehrotra Director (S) M.Sc. (Botany), Ph.D Regional Office, Bhopal
7. Dr. U. Sridharan Director (S) M.Sc. (Wild Life), Ph.D Regional Office, Bangalore
8. Shri Surender Kumar Additional Director (S) M.Sc. (Zoology) Regional Office, Chandigarh
9. Dr. C. Kaliaperumal Additional Director (S) M.Sc. (Marine Biology), Ph.D Regional Office, Bangalore
10. Shri S. Karketta Joint Director (S) B.Sc. Engineering (Mech.), ME (Mech. Regional Office, Bhubaneshwar
11. Dr. S. C. Katiar Joint Director (S) M.Sc. (Chemistry), Ph.D Regional Office, Shillong

The main work of Scientists in Regional Offices is to monitor the implementation status of conditions/safeguards laid down for projects/activities cleared by MoEF from environmental angle.


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